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Chakra River Dam on the way to Sagara

We happened to explore Chakra dam accidentally. While driving towards Sagar we pulled over for a riverside photoshoot. Couple of localites struck a conversation as to what we are doing with a MH registered car. When asked "where this road leads to?" they replied that it leads to a dam. They said it is about 3 kms, so we decided to explore. As we reached there, it was worth the effort as the place was very scenic.

The dam is too small and simple to be of any significance. I read later that this is used only to feed water into Linganamakki reservoir. The dam is managed by KPTCL but was totally unmanned and no personnel were present anywhere around.

Internet literature says Chakra river originates in Sahyadri and eventually merges into Arabian see. Chakra dam made a nice detour in an otherwise monotonous drive. Nearby places are Sagara- Ikkeri, Keladi, Nagara Fort.* Aria Photoshoot set 2 * Tata Safari EX 4x4 Photoshoot *


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