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Book Review: The Comical saga by Mayuresh Pokharankar

The comical saga makes one interesting read. It revolves around a story consisting of couple of school boys who deviate from studies and indulge in various adventures (smoking, drinking, proposing to girl and so on). The first half of the book sort of portrays negative side or how the kids neglect studies and do stuff they’re not supposed to do. The second half revolves around the girl they’re trying to impress and couple of good deeds they do. The end involves some melodrama and tragedy, which is best read on the book.

There’s nothing extra ordinary or sci-fi about the book. But it’s simple narration is bound to interest you, more so if you can position yourself in the shoes of narrator. Unlike typical love stories this book doesn’t start with  college hero and heroine and ending with marriage. It starts with school boys and ends with them being school boys. Lot of humor, creative writing has ensured that simple incidents are made easier and interesting to read.

I learnt from the backpage that the author Mayuresh Pokharankar wrote this book as he was recovering from a  road accident. I assume he has recovered well by now. I wish him all the best for future books and his career.

The comical saga is priced at INR 150 on Frog Books (US$ 12 outside India) ( Would have been nice if publishers could adopt Rupa's strategy and price it at INR 99. But I guess that could be difficult if publishers are not confident of volume sale.

I finished reading this book in 2 sittings over 2 days. Made nice read. Give it a try if possible.

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  1. I wish I can find it here. Looks like an entertainer...

  2. Its a good book that takes one back to its school days. Boys can connect to it and girls can find out what goes on amongst school boys... :)

  3. Marxzi: Right

    Saru: grab a copy when in India

  4. Hi saru,
    u can buy the book from

  5. Kalpesh,

    Thanks for helping with the link. It got marked as Spam, I accidentally spotted it in Spam foldr...


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