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Casablanca Valley- Santiago to Valparaiso

Casablanca Valley (locally known as Ruta del Vino de Casablanca) is Chile’s popular wine processing centre, located between the Capital Santiago and coastal town of Valparaiso. I didn't have a chance to stopover here, but as I was returning from Valparaiso to Santiago, I had the chance to take some pictures from the car.

The climate is also a factor. The max I ever experienced in my lifetime was 22 degree centigrade- my cab driver told me.
It was very scenic drive. The Hollywood style signage are hard to miss. Don’t have much text to write, just sharing few pics. I’m told it is possible to visit these wineries and taste them/learn more about wine making process. (Similar to Tea Factory visits in Ooty/Srilanka) But this was not on my agenda.

Vina Indomita that you see in pics above is believed to be Casablanca's most conspicuous winery, owning about 600 hectares + . Vina Indomita also has a nice valley view restaurant, if you're interested. Details here  
Vijay Mallya: Are you reading?
A plane had crash landed near Valparaiso hill and it was the talk of the town. I got to spot it the next day, though not a clear view
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  1. Great post and compilation. I liked the last shot a lot. And that Mallya touch was too good:)

  2. Really great post. I loved two photos especially, the one where you've photographed the front road from inside a car, and the one withh the rearview mirror :)
    I came here cus I love the movie Casablanca :D

    Thanks for the experience :)

    If you can spare a few minutes, could you drop in and read a post of mine? And maybe leave a feedback or a vote? It'd help me big time :D

  3. Thanks Deb

    Achyuth: Thanks for dropping by. Will visit your blog

  4. Looks wonderful! Sula vineyards have started some kind of a tourism initiative, near Pune but no idea how it is! have yet to go!


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