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Malgudi days house Agumbe- a visit

Have you either read the book Malgudi days written by RK Narayan? or seen it as a serial? The serial was picturized under the direction of late Shankar Nag and was shot around the town of Agumbe, near Udupi, Karnataka.

Several popular Kannada actors of yester years played a role in Malgudi days serial. A house showcased in this serial is situated on the main roads of Agumbe and toursists who have the knowledge of this make it a point to visit this house without fail when they pass through Agumbe.

During our trip to Agumbe we did visit the Malgudi days house. It is inhibited but the hosts are more than willing to allow tourists inside. They also run a homestay. 

House has stood the test of time and is going strong, but yes, over the time it has begun to deteriorate. The house is known as Dodda mane (Big house) and is walkable from Agumbe bus stand. Anyone in town can guide you to this house as it is on the main road and hard to miss. We got a chance to explore it 
 The hosts: Kastur Akka and Ravikumar. They briefed us about several places of tourist interest nearby and how to go there. Due to shortage of time, we could visit only few.

Agumbe is a place to be, if you wish to experience down to earth living and great hospitality.

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  1. Endless list of places to be visited. Thanks for the info on this.

  2. Hello,
    I am from Chennai and planning for a trip to Agumbe in June 1st week

    I am unfamiliar with the place, can you let me know what and where would be the best place to stay in agumbe or near by areas.

    I saw this place which is run by kasturiakka, is it a nice place ?

  3. Eswar:
    Nearby town Hebri has couple of decent hotels, you can stay there

    Place run by Kasturiakka is good and has basic facilities.

    June will be rainy season there

  4. Hi guys can you help me out with number for doddamane? I might like to pay a visit


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