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Apple tree in the backyard

The backyard of the apartment where I was staying in Copenhagen, had got an apple tree, full of apples. This was a real bonus and surprise for me, as I was always used to buying overpriced apples from the stores and have never plucked an apple from the tree.

I am not sure who is the owner of this tree and if I am authorized to pluck one.  Noticed that the tree is largely unattended to- lots and lots of apples have been going waste once they fall off the tree. Hence excused myself to pluck a few and treat myself with few garden fresh and free apples. 

These were small apples and not the best breed in terms of taste. In terms of taste, they were just OK-Ok. Also doesn’t look like apple is a favorite fruit for birds. Despite having tree full of fruites, there weren’t any birds. Though birds could be found on the streets or parks nearby
Minor one, but sharing my joy with you.

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  1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, with so many in your backyard, doctors and heavy medical bills can just stay away.


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