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Review: Budget Hotel Messe, Berlin, Germany

Hotel Messe was the first accommodation we spotted after getting down from the Bus at Berlin ZOB am Funkturm. We'd no prior reservations and were hopping that hotels or hostels will have a room available for us. It wasn't going to be.

We reached there at 6.45 AM and asked hotel staff, if they have a room available and what is the rent. We were promptly shown a display which says office timing is 7.30 AM to 10 PM. None of our questions were entertained and we had to come back empty handed.

We went there in the evening, after failing to find a place in any hotels/hostels in the central Berlin area. This time we were offered a room, A 3 bed one, the last one available, for 60 Euros. We didn't have too many choices at that stage, so we took it. (The cheapest hostels cost 20 Euros per person onwards, so 60 Euros for 2 people wasn't a too expensive deal)

The room was large and decent. Bathrooms were OK. From our window we could see Berlin International Convention Centre (ICC). This is like Chennai Trade Centre or Pragathi Maidan New Delhi- all major events like exhibitions would happen here. Hence the area itself is known as Messe and the hotels and railway stations are also named same way.

Messe in German means fair. (Hannover Messe or Hannover Fair is world famous).  This hotel is located in the outskirts of Berlin town, closer to International Convention centre, hence the name Messe.

Below: Left: Bathroom, right: view from our room- Berlin ICC and a signal tower.
Hotel provides free wi-fi. The previous evening we were told breakfast is not included in our rates, how ever next day we were allowed to have breakfast- little bread and juice is what we could eat among various items.

Hotel offers basic accommodation and they accept card. We were fairly tired and slept well. A train station in neighborhood didn't really cause any trouble (or we didn't notice it)

Below: Berlin International Convention Centre

Messe Nord ICC train station is walkable from the hotel. From here, we can go to Berlin central or other places by train. Even Berlin Zoo and tiergarden are closer (though we took a longer path). Interstate highway also is close by and so is inter city bus stand.

Within walkable distance from the hotel is a nice park. Good place for early morning walk.

Ibis hotel is another option nearby, but is on the expensive side. A few hostels and other options do exist, if you can manage to explore on your own.

No complaints and I would recommend this hotel, if you're arriving in Berlin by Bus or want a peaceful place and don't mind staying a bit far from city centre. If there're any major events happening, the hotel is likely to be running full.

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  1. Very useful post. And I like your style of writing...


  2. really nyc review... liked the pics too! :)

  3. Sounds like good hotel, centrally located. Very clean, wonderful turn of the century decorating...Nice Review.

  4. Rooms were clean and tidy. exceptional mention to service staff who provided impeccable service.Nice blog.


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