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Navilaadavaru Kannada movie by Giriraj

Navilaadavaru is an interesting Kannada movie, made within a very low budget of Rs 35000. This movie was made few years ago by one of my former classmate and friend BM Giriraj. Back then he was an upcoming director and took it as a challenge to make his own movie with very limited funding he had. Reportedly entire movie is made using still camera. To read more about what went into the making of the movie, read in Bangalore Mirror article. (link removed)

Making the movie is not the end of it. Distributing it and making it come on screen in theater was another challenge. It required the team to be part of producer's guild and other formalities which would cost more than the cost of the film itself. Because of these hurdles, Navilaadavaru couldn't go public and was telecasted only through private screenings. As I live in Chennai, I couldn't make it to any of the screenings so far, due to one reason or the other.

Finally the movie has been uploaded to youtube, in 4 parts and I managed to watch it today.

Sharing the videos below, so that you can enjoy the movie too. Navilaadavaru is a story about terrorism and how young minds get influenced into it.

Navilaadavaru- Kannada Movie on youtube- Part 1
 2020 update: Not available on youtube anymore

Navilaadavaru- Kannada Movie on youtube- Part 2

Navilaadavaru- Kannada Movie on youtube-Part 3

Navilaadavaru- Kannada Movie on youtube-Part 4

Directed By: Giriraj B M
Music : Ashley-Abhilash
Editor: K M Prakash
Lead Actress Sakina's voice has been donated by Supreetha Bhat
Duration: 75 mins

While you enjoy above movie, Director BM Giriraj's next movie, Jatta is all set to get released, I wish him and his movie all the success. You can connect with him here 

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