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Oops missile fired accidentally from Danish warship (F352)

What you’re seeing in the picture is that of a Danish warship, code named F352 and full name HDMS Peder Skram. Once fully functional serving Danish Navy, F352 was decommissioned in 1990, after 25 years in service. Today it is retired and serves as a museum in Copenhagen, Denmark

The above introduction is not really exciting. The interesting part is below.

On September 6, 1982, the above mentioned ship, F352 was carrying live missiles, McDonnell Douglas made Harpoon missiles. And a missile went off just like that, cruised few kms in air, hit a row of empty (luckily) cottages in a island resort nearby. The cottages and several property in the area were  burnt to ashes. But no human beings died in the misfire. Ship also had few other missiles, but fortunately, they didn't follow the rogue missile and stayed put in their silos.

Next day morning country woke up to the news of their own warship firing a missile at them. Below is an image of newspaper report, 31 years ago, next day after the accident. Click to enlarge
Image sourced from Google News Repository

Since then, the ship F352 is nicknamed "Oops Ship" and the missile, "Oops Missile" (locally known as Hovsa Missil, Hovsa being danish equivalent of Oops!). A series of investigations couldn't really prove the exact cause and all accused were let off, with missile company paying a compensation to Danish govt.
I am trying to think what would have happened, if a similar incident were to ever happen in India..

Central intelligence: We warned state govt that missile would go off
State intelligence: We never received any specific information.. they didn’t tell us when and where it will go off
Central Govt: This is an opposition conspiracy to defame our government
Opposition: Prime minister and defense minister should resign to prevent these accidents in future
Defense minister: We don’t know why it went off. Terrorism can't be ruled out.
Home minister: This is a minor incident. More people die in Sivakasi (TN) every year in cracker related fire and accidents
Some idiot MP: Missiles are meant to go off… People should watch out and shouldn’t come in its way
Some other sidekick: From now on all missile remote controls should be given to 'Madam'  and only after her permission missiles should be fired
Prime Minister:  I am honest and I wasn't aware that missiles can go off

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  1. hahahaha

    Loved your concluding statements!!

  2. No wonder Scandinavians are funny people

  3. True, our ministers will definitely talk such nonsense. Very well portrayed...

  4. Good one! liked the concluding statements what if happened in India:-)

  5. Good one! liked the concluding statements what if happened in India:-)

  6. Nice LOL I expected MMS to say 'theek hai'

  7. Haha the ending was great. I wasn't expecting that from a tone you were using at the start. Probably that is what made it so funny. :D


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