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Bella Sky, Copenhagen, DK

Bella Sky is Copenhagen equivalent of Marina Bay Sands-Singapore, though not as grand.

Bella Sky is a hotel complex on the suburbs of Danish capital, Copenhagen. It is located at Orestaden, similar to what Whitefield is to Bangalore or Siruseri to Chennai.

Bella Sky houses hotel rooms, corporate apartments, office space and restaurant on top floor, among other things. Hotel as 812 rooms, rent starting at 1300DKK. (Rs 13000 per night onwards). There're a total of 5 restaurants

I couldn't manage to go inside, but have managed to take a few exterior photo of this unique building (which did win multiple awards for its architecture and design)

Official website below. You can also search on facebook/google for more beautiful photos of this building


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  2. Wow nice shots and great architecture thanks for sharing...


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