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The Woods Resort-Wayanad- Activities to try

I have written about Room Types at the Woods Resort earlier. In this post I am listing various activities you can undertake while you stay at the Woods Resort Wayanad. My personal favorite is archery. Do check the video clip. They have something for everyone.

1. Indoor Games: You can try Chess, Billiard, Carrom

2. Outdoor Games: Archery, badminton.

I tried archery- it was fun. The arrows were of different type- a thicker head and not a sharp pointed one that I had seen. I was able to hit the target couple of times.

The Woods Resort had two types of bow and arrow shooting- one conventional bow and the other one like a caterpillar- pull the string, fix it to a clip, position the arrow and release the string.

3. Fitness: Activity center has a Mini gym with treadmill, cycling equipment in level 1

4. Fishing in a natural pond: The woods resort has a small size natural pond near the organic farm. Guests can try their luck catching fish here.

5. Spa: I didn’t try this but guests can indulge in relaxed massage therapy while at the Woods Resort.

6. Campfire (held only when there are fair number of guests):

7. Skydeck Outdoor dining:

There is a sky diving deck- a deck made around the trees and accessible by a foot bridge- perfect location for candle light dinner or a relaxed meals in the middle of nature.

8. Organic Farm visit: The Woods Resort grows some of its food inhouse.

9. Tribal Village visit: Stopped as of now due to covid, might resume soon

10. Wildlife Safari- organized on demand, chargeable- you can visit Muthanga wildlife sanctuary

11. Sightseeing tours:  organized on demand, chargeable- you can visit places of interest in Wayanad such as Banasura dam (45 kms), Edakkal caves (27 kms), Kuruva island (40 kms), Glass Bridge (45 kms) etc

12. Lots of birds in campus- constant chirping sound of birds will keep you enticed. I couldn't get good pictures of them though.

13. Flora: Lots of trees, flowers. The Woods Resort campus is a photographer’s delight. Try your camera skills capturing sun rays through the trees, various flowers, birds you may spot, early morning mist and more.

14 Pool: The woods resort has a medium size pool ideal for short swims. It is not too large, not infinity but good enough for cooling ourselves in summer. Below is a drone clip of the pool at The Woods Resort.

Good WiFi: The Woods Resort has good WiFi near Cedar and Oak cottages. I could do office work for 2 days without any issues. The Woods Resort campus also has several areas to sit and relax.


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