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Udupi Corporation Bank Coin Museum- what to expect

One of Udupi’s lesser known places of interest is the coin museum, maintained by Corporation Bank. I was looking to visit this place for a long time but as they were open only during working hours it was difficult. Recently managed a visit and here is what to expect.

Coin Museum is a small 3 room museum which exhibits coins and notes, both from past and present. While it showcases lots of coins and notes from India, several foreign currencies are also covered. Coins from the great past are an interesting thing to know. Also read that at times when there was shortage of metals to mint coins (during world war 2), coin seals on paper with thick wooden bases were also in circulation.

A bit of display of key people involved in coin and currency and banking is also shown.

Photography is NOT allowed inside the museum, so no photos for you. But then they had put up some QR code for visitors to scan and get more details, but if mobile is NOT allowed how do we scan QR code?

There is no entry fee for the Coin Museum Udupi. Open between 10 AM and 5PM on all days except bank holidays. Looks like they are open on Saturday as well.

Where is it? Corporation Bank coin museum is about 300 meters from Udupi bus stand, so you can just walk across. Follow google maps and reach. If you go in your own vehicle parking might be tough- nearby corporation bank office has some car parking space- if you are lucky you can park there.

Nearby: Udupi Sri Krishna Matt * Ajjarakadu park * Malpe Seawalk * Kunjarugiri * Manipal Tree Park

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