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Kapu Lighthouse & Beach: visitor information

This post shares all the info you need to know about visiting Kapu lighthouse and beach near Udupi. Being close to my hometown I have visited Kapu several dozen times but recently realized that I never wrote a blogpost on this scenic spot. Kapu is sometimes referred to as Kaup.

Why visit Kapu?

Kapu is popular for its lighthouse located on a rock. Kapu has got a beach around this lighthouse and several shops selling snacks and food. Kapu beach gets crowded on weekend evenings as almost everyone who comes to Udupi wishes to visit Kapu beach and lighthouse.

There is a river entering arabian sea near Kapu lighthouse- this river is very shallow and hence very suitable for kids and family to dip their legs in water. But during high tides it could be dangerous to enter.

Activities to try at Kapu

1. Climb the lighthouse rock: At any time of the day you can climb the lighthouse rock and explore the surroundings.

2. Go to top of Kapu (Kaup) Lighthouse: You can go inside the lighthouse, climb till top and get an even more amazing view of the surrounding. However, lighthouse entry is only between 4 PM to 6 PM and might be closed due to covid restrictions, heavy rainy days and various other rules

3. Beachside shacks: Enjoy a variety of snacks from various eateries located on the path to Kapu beach.

4. Kapu beach: With a few rocks Kapu beach is very photogenic. Convenient to climb on and get some photos clicked. Even water is not so deep and waves are not too strong, hence it is relatively safe place to get into water.

How to reach Kapu/Kaup beach?

If you have own vehicle you can follow Google maps and reach Kapu beach parking. If arriving from Udupi side, I suggest try Malpe- Mattu Beach ocean side road instead of taking NH66 highway, as you can enjoy a  more scenic drive.

Public transportation is available from Udupi town, Kapu/Katapadi bus stops on NH66 to reach Kapu beach. However, the direct bus frequency is less. Your best bet is to get off a bus at Kapu town on NH66 and hire an auto to reach the beach & lighthouse area.  The beach area is barely 2-2.5 kms from Kapu town hence even walking is a possibility.

How safe is Kaup Beach?

Kaup beach is very safe. Water is not so deep, currents are not strong and there are always someone to help. Couple of police constables are also on duty during day time so you shouldn’t be getting any trouble from others. 

Best time to visit Kapu beach and lighthouse?

If you wish to go to top of lighthouse then you have to visit in the evening. Else if you want to visit then the area is devoid of people, visit weekday early morning. Weekend evening time you may not find a spot to park and might have to park at a distance.

Is there an entry fee?

Bike/Car parking fee is collected

No other entry fee, unless you wish to go to top.

What else to visit while visiting Kapu beach?

Nearby attractions include Padubidri Bluflag beach, Sasihithlu Beach, Malpe Sea walk, Mattu Beach

Watch a youtube video made from drone shot + insta 360 below [Watch on youtube]

Stay: A few home stays & resorts are available along the coast near Kapu. More options are available in Malpe and Udupi (12-15 kms)

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