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Kodi Bengre Delta Beach near Udupi:10 things to do

Hoode & Kodi Bengre Delta Beach- What to expect?

Kodi Bengre Delta beach is getting popular because of its scenic location. River Suvarna and Seetha merge into the Arabian sea here. There is a long strip of road with ocean on one side, backwater on the other, making for a scenic drive. If you are impressed by the pictures of Kodi Bengre Delta Beach and planning a visit, here is everything you need to know.

Here is a list of 10 things/activities to do at Kodi Bengre Delta Beach near Udupi

1 Watch Rivers entering sea: Towards the extreme end of Kodi Bengre is the delta beach where river Suvarna and Sita enter Arabian Sea. This spot is great for drone photography though eye level view is also decent. View some photos and video below.

2. Experience Houseboats: There are a few house boat companies operating out of Kodi Bengre. Last year I had a breakfast ride with Panchajanya Cruise. Detailed experience here. Tirumala Cruise is another operator

3. Visit Temples: Multiple small but beautiful temples have come up in the area. If interested you can visit them.

4. Ferry ride to Hangarakatte: There is a commuter ferry to Hangarakatte. If interested you can enjoy a ride across the backwater to Hangarakatte, which is a mini fishing and ship building hub and closer to NH66

5. Enjoy a Scenic drive: The drive between Hoode Beach and Kodi Bengre delta is nice, with coconut trees on both sides, ocean or rivers visible at regular intervals. Be careful as the road is narrow.

6. Go to Thonse Health Center: Thonse Health center in Kodi Bengre provides ayurvedic therapy and massages. You may plan a stay for a few nights there or check if they have any walk in services

7. Visit Hoode beach: Hoode beach is a normal beach located closer to the mainland, just where we turn right to go to Kodi Bengre Delta beach. Nothing exceptional here, but you can pause and take a look.

8. Walk on the Suspension Bridge: Kemmannu has a suspension bridge. You can walk across the bridge and explore the island (Beware of private properties there). Access road is a bit narrow for the last 1 km hence be careful if going in a car, SUV or bigger vehicles.

9. Indulge in Kayaking Adventure:  One entrepreneurial youth is operating a Kayaking service near Kemmannu Suspension Bridge. Read a detailed report here.

Udupi Kayaking photo

10. Visit Balekudru Matha: This religious venue has a small Goshala where you can pet animals, and a temple. You may be able to buy some products like Ghee etc as well.

Bonus: Sip Tender coconut: sip locally grown tender coconuts at any of the roadside shops while visiting or returning from Kodi Bengre.

How to reach Kodi Bengre?

If you have a vehicle at your disposal you can follow the map and reach there. Access is via Santekatte-NH66. Parking at the end of the road could be limited during weekends.

Buses do operate till Hoode and Kodi Bengre from Udupi/Santekatte. Frequency could be once an hour or so but you can use them if you don’t want to book a taxi

Ferry: Another option is to reach Hangarakatte (turn from NH66 between Brahmavaa and Sasthana). From Hangarakatte you can hop on a ferry to reach Kodi Bengre. Ferry may have timings and limited frequency but works during day time.

Nearby: If you are visiting Kodi Bengre and have a few hours to spare, you can consider following places to explore- Barkur- temples and historic places * Neelavara Goshale and temple * Malpe Seawalk * Attractions along River Seetha * Beaches of Udupi district.

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