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Anjanadri hill: Lord hanuman's birthplace, north Hampi

I've been to Hampi 3-4 times earlier in my life but had never been to the other side of the river. That got changed during our last week visit to Hampi. The northern portion of Hampi, known as Kishkinda, located on the other side of Tunga Bhadra river is popular for Anjanadri hill, birth place of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is credited with flying to Srilanka, face Ravana and help in rescue of Sita Devi. Lord Hanuman has his own share of devotees and worshippers.

From Kamalapura we took an auto to Kishkinda and our first stop was Anjanadri hill. Anjanadri hill is said to be the birth place of Lord Hanuman. Our original plan was to visit here on day 02, but hotel staff and auto drivers advised us to visit on day 01, due to a hanuma mala ritual (people wearing mala similar to Shabarimala), coming to Anjanadri hill and ending their ritual on next 2 days.

Anjanadri hill has a temple on top, accessible via 575 steps. Part of the path proper roof is made, steps are wide with some provision to sit and relax, the last stretch is narrow, passing under the rocks and can get difficult when crowded. Temple also has shrines of Lord Rama and Sita, of whom Hanuman was a core devotee.

As we climbed up, huge groups of people would march ahead shouting "Jai Hanuman".  With some effort we reached the top.

What to expect at the top of Anjanadri hill?

Hanuman temple: A small temple is the main attraction why devotees climb up Anjanadri hill. Depending on crowd you will get to view the god for a few seconds. Photography not allowed inside.

Devotees bring lots of coconuts- temple staff dry them in the sun, segregate and take them away.

View: On a clear day, enjoy good view of Hampi on one side and bounders on the other side. You may hike the rock around the temple- I could see a pond with nice reflection of a tree.

Facilities available at Anjanadri: Drinking water is available on top.  Pooja items and anything else you may need you'll have to buy before starting your climb. There was a small school on top as well.

Normal adults can factor about 2 hours to visit Anjanadri hill- to climb up, visit temple, roam around, enjoy the view, take some rest and begin walking down. During summer time better to go early in the morning as the region gets very very hot.

Unlike Shravanabelagola, there are no services to ferry senior citizens uphill on a palanquin. 

Reaching Anjanadri: Most tourists visit Hosapete/Hampi and take auto/taxi to explore Kishkinda. Road option is bit longer. There are resorts and stay options in Kishkinda so you can plan to stay on Anjadri side and explore Hampi as well. There is a coracle ride option at Achutaraya temple from Hampi side but that doesn't seem to drop you off at Anjanadri- you can negotiate. (we were only offered a 30 min ride for 500 INR per person)

Ample parking is available at the foot of Anjanadri and shops selling all essentials.

Nearby: Pampa Sarovar * Vali Cave * Nava Brundavana * 

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