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Durga temple and Vali Cave, North Hampi

Durga temple or Durgadevi Ammanavara temple is a small temple on top of a hill in Kishkinda, north Hampi. Our auto driver took us there. Initially I didn't know what to expect, as I was about to return from temple complex, one staff told me to proceed further and explore the cave.

As I walked another 300 meters uphill, I saw the entrance to a cave.  The cave is called Vali cave, also referred to as Valikote Cave or Bali cave.

The caves have a passage, somewhat similar to what you might have seen in Yana Caves- small walkway under giant boulders, with some light visible from top. The walk took just about a minute or so.

You may watch a short video here [Watch on youtube]

Durga Devi temple also has a pushkarini, a fort wall kind of entrance etc. We could see devotees tying coconut wrapped in colourful cloths to a tree.

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