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Maharajanadurga Fort, Sakleshpura's unknown attraction!

As I was scouting for places to visit near to our stay (StoneAge Sakleshpura), Maharajanadurga fort came to my attention. The information available online were not very conclusive. As it was not too far from our stay, decided to venture into it and find out the details for ourselves.

This post shares latest details (Jan 2024) on Maharajanadurga Fort, Sakaleshpura, Karnataka.

How to reach Maharajanadurga Fort?

Follow google maps, last 2 kms road is not very good. Cars with some ground clearance can go. When we visited, locals were preparing the road with a JCB so we were asked to park nearby and walk. They guided us the right way- after crossing the gate, turn left and start climbing the hill. Do NOT keep walking on the road- you will reach nowhere.

Once you climb some 200 meters, you will be able to spot some trails, few steps. About 1 km of climb is needed. You will see a few walls, doors, mantap/entrance points along the path, ascertaining that there was some building of importance here long long ago. 

At one point you’ll be done with steps and you will face a giant rock. No easy steps to climb further- you will have to find your balance and manage rock climbing carefully. Depending on how much you can go, you can enjoy a great view of the surroundings. The rock is fairly flat at top but reaching till there will be challenging. No help is available if you slip. Can be slippery post monsoon, so proceed with extreme caution.

What to expect at Maharajanadurga Fort

As you climb up you will see a few towers, entrances etc

Once on top you will see a giant rock in front of you

If you manage to climb the rock, you can enjoy a great view of the surroundings.

History of Maharajanadurga Fort

A local person told us they don’t know who named this spot as Maharajanadurga Fort. Durga and fort mean almost the same. The area had a different name in the past as per his knowledge but someone has added it in google maps as Maharajanadurga Fort.

No history is available online. The region was under the rule of several kingdoms such as Vijayanagara empire, Tipu Sultan, Keladi Nayaks, Badami Chalukyas and so on. The fort could have been commissioned by any one of them. The Manjarabad fort in Sakleshpura is attributed to Tipu Sultan

Bangalore based traveler Dhiru Guri ( Team G square ) visited this place 8 years ago and has written about it. The status is almost the same today, except that locals have built a slightly better road providing a bit easier access.

Overall, Maharajanadurga Fort is NOT something I would say “must visit '' due to complexity in reaching & climbing as well as there is nothing so attractive on top. But if you have a few hours to spare, interested in some adventure and rock climbing, plan a visit. Senior citizens and small kids will find it difficult to climb. 

Be advised that you will be trekking through private properties. No help or facilities are available- carry whatever you need. 

Shettihalli church is some 25 kms from Maharajanadurga Fort, Parvathammana Betta is another hill nearby, with much easier access.

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