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2024 TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Expected improvements

A facelift is long overdue for TVS Apache RTR 200 4V. Last update was in late 2022 with a suspension upgrade. Since then TVS has launched Raider refresh, new RTR 160 and 180 2V models, RTR 160 4V with dual channel ABS, RTR 310 etc but has left RTR 200 4V untouched whole of 2023. So a facelift for the flagship model is definitely due early 2024.

Below is my wishlist for 2024 TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

Must have features

  1. Side stand auto cut off: Simple sensor based safety feature is missing in RTR 200 4V. TVS better add this
  2. LED turn indicators, to keep up with competition.
  3. Bigger display with TFT colour- current display is mono colour. Raider has better display, same can be offered in RTR 200 4V
  4. USB charging- a must have feature these days. At the minimum offer as an accessory like Yamaha does 

Nice to have features

  1. Key on tank-  available in many Honda bikes- makes it easy to insert key, start and stop the bike.
  2. Coloured alloy wheels- more of a style statement- new RTR 160 dual channel comes with red alloys, RTR 310 comes with yellow alloys- so giving a body coloured alloy wheel is a nice enhancement.
  3. Clip on handlebars: Handlebars that can be adjusted for height, tilt etc is a nice thing.
  4. 225 cc engine option? Could be borrowed from Ronin and tuned for performance, giving RTR 225 an edge over rivals Karizma XMR and even 250 cc models like Dominar 250, KTM 250, FZ 25 etc
  5. USD Forks- not a big fan. I will live without this. Nice to have in my opinion.
  6. Bring the red back: TVS is currently NOT offering RTR 200 4V in red colour. Time to bring back this signature colour.
  7. 6th gear

All these will increase cost by 25-30k. TVS will have to balance feature and pricing to keep the bike competitive and yet tempting. Let us see which features TVS picks up for RTR 200 2024 facelift, as they have to balance cost vs features. Let me know your preferences.

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