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StoneAge Resort, Sakleshpura- review

We were planning for a weekend outing with family and zeroed in on Sakaleshpura. I had last been to Sakleshpura 3 years ago during which I had stayed at Mookanana resort, Machaan resort and visited Bisile Ghat viewpoint, Patla betta etc.

This time as I was scouting for places to stay, StoneAge resort showed up on They had a 6 bed dormitory for 5000 INR which felt like a good choice. I booked online and got confirmation. Later I wanted another room so called them up- but I was told the dormitory is NOT available. The owner offered 1 standard room (2 people+2 extra beds) and 2 tents (which we were told on whatsapp will sleep 3 people each) for about 7000 INR with breakfast included.

This felt like a manageable pricing. Other homestays with dormitories were asking for 2600 INR+ tax per person (including 3 times food), which would have cost us 20000+ for 8-9 people. Most homestays charge 3000 INR per person with food, so a room will cost 6000 INR onwards. Resorts are 2x-3x that. Thus I wasn't keen to spend a fortune for one night's stay. StoneAge resort felt like a decent choice.

Not sure why Stoneage didn't maintain proper inventory with My guess is they ask guests to cancel on and deal directly with them, to avoid 20-25% that takes as commission. 

Stone Age Resort is located some 15 kms from Sakaleshpura town. Roads are fine except some bad patches.

Room types at StoneAge Resort, Sakleshpura

The executive rooms:

StoneAge has about 6 of these rooms, priced over 3k per night+ tax. Standard rooms with a small sitting area outside, tile roof, fan, attached bathroom (very basic). I didn't find AC- Sakleshpura remains cold throughout the year so AC may not be needed.

Hot water is provided through a wood fired water heater. They are manually fired by staff at around 7.30-8 and it takes some time for hot water to reach the rooms. Hot water is not on demand or 24x7.

The dormitory

Stoneage resort Sakaleshpura has 2 dorms- one can sleep 8 people, other can sleep around 14-15. But from what I sensed you can't book an individual bed in the dorm, you've to book an entire dorm. Each Dorm unit has 2 bathrooms. 

The walls had bamboo strips and open gap, so cold air would flow in at night. Sleep with proper bedsheets.

Above:8 bed dorm

Below: 15 bed dorm

Dorms can take a bit of maintenance

The tent:

The tents are too small. Stoneage resort owners could have opted for larger tents. Tent costs around 1600+ tax per night. The tent can barely sleep 2 people, you can't even sit or stand properly. Comparatively, the tent at Captain's Camp Sirsi was much larger and better.  Even now it is not too late.

Tent guests have to use a common bathroom/toilet.

The pool was under maintenance
The restaurant & Food
The restaurant is the main area in stoneage resort. We had lunch on day 01. Veg lunch costs about 285 INR- chapati, pulao rice, sweet, pallya, paneer butter masala, dal, unlimited rice, rasam. Tea/coffee costs 60 INR, curd rice 120 INR and so on. Because next restaurant is 12 kms away in Sakleshpura town, guests have to decide either have it inside or drive out to town. Nighit dinner we went to town.
No RO purified water is provided. You've to buy water bottle from them or bring your own water. Carrying few liters of water purchased at MRP with you will save you from paying 2x for water.

Breakfast was included in rent. However no buffet/multiple choices. We were offered a plate of khara pongal with a cup of sweet pongal. We were told if there are too many guests they can't make other items as it takes lots of time. Breakfast was fine but ours and another family were not used to having rice for breakfast so we didn't like it. Upma, Idli etc also could have been made without lots of effort. Maybe because next day was Sankranti they made pongal or they made pongal as it was the easiest to make.

The staff tried to charge us for tea/coffee served with breakfast. After speaking to owner this was corrected (If you order lemon tea/black coffee etc it will be charged)

More buildings under construction: Maybe an year later they will have more rooms
The plantation walk
A good 30 min walk in the coffee plantation next to the resort was a good activity. We should have done this earlier before breakfast.

Stoneage resort can also take you to a rock & temple some 7 kms from the resort-Parvathammana gudi betta. Chargeable. We went there on our own- a giant rock with a temple on top- ideal for mild trekking and viewing sunset.

Other activities
  • Karaoke, Music (couldn't sleep peacefully as dorms are not sound proof and late night music/Karaoke won't let you sleep peacefully)
  • Stone painting
  • Mud volleyball
  • Carrom
  • Badminton
Places near to Stoneage Resort, Sakleshpura:
Overall, for about 9 people, we spend under 11000- stay + lunch, 1 room, 1 dorm. Thanks to host Venugopal for moving us to dorm from tent.  StoneAge is more of a homestay experience than luxury resort experience. Staff are friendly.

Good things

Room for improvements

Reasonable pricing

Not too far from city

Decent facilities

Plantation walk


Friendly owner and staff


Doesn’t really qualify as ‘Resort’

Tents should be bigger

Staff training

Solar or better system for hot water

Breakfast can be better (give options)

RO treated drinking water

Pool under maintenance

Online booking should be fixed

Loud music at night and dormitory that is NOT sound proof is bad combination.

Let me know what you think.

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