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Captain's camp cozy stay at Sirsi: review

As we were scouting for an accommodation option in Siri, Captain's camp seemed close by (2.5-3 kms from city) and worth a try. When we called them to check availability, they confirmed they had a room. Hence we decided to walk in and check it out.

We drove to Captain's Camp following google map. Last 1.3 kms were not well paved roads, but normal cars can drive through, no issues.

Stay options

Captain's Camp has about 5 rooms (referred to as executive cottages) which can take 2 adults (+1 more in extra bed if needed). All are in ground floor with a small outdoor area and good bathrooms.

Other than the executive cottages, Captain's camp offers tent stay- they have large area where tents for 20-30 people can be set up if there is a need. Tents are of two types- a larger one suitable for 2 adults, a smaller one suitable for 1 person. While tents are cozy, the light inside is almost zero and there are no charging outlets. (it is a fire risk to provide an extension cord or power socket inside- I am told). So guests staying in tent will have to use a common bathroom block available outside and use common areas to charge their devices.

Captain's camp pricing is about 2500 INR per person including breakfast- exact price may vary by weekday/weekend, room/tent, 1 person or large group etc.

Breakfast options were plenty- Mangaluru buns, Upma, Avalakki, fruits, tea/coffee.

Other activities at Captain's Camp, Siri

  • Campfire
  • Swing
  • Bird watching spot

  • Amphitheatre
  • Trampoline
  • Ball cricket 

I was told Captain's camp organizes team building activities, off-road adventure trails and other experience activities, corporate outings etc on demand.

Nature walk: We were taken into the plantation by the owner of Captain's camp. A 30 min walk in which we could understand the plantation captivity, see different types of trees and fruits up close.

Overall the stay was great. You can consider Captain's camp for your stay in Sirsi. By keeping Sirsi as a base you can explore Sodhe Vadiraja Matha, Unchalli Falls, Yana Caves, Magod falls, Sahasralinga etc. Other than Captain's Camp there are 3-4 resorts and numerous home stays & budget hotels in the region.

2020 I had stayed for few nights in Tavarumane Homestay *

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