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2023 Most popular posts from enidhi.net

My blog got over 2 million views in 2023. I think a decent number considering everyone has shifted to instagram and not many people care to read blog posts.

Below are the most popular posts from my blog this year. If you've not been regular you might want to check these posts.

1 Europe on low budget

Three Weeks Europe trip for about 2.1 lakhs, all expenses included. Extreme budget mode on.

2. KSRTC Ambari Utsav

KSRTC's Most luxurious bus service- worth it? read my detailed analysis and experience.

3. Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal using public transport

It is not necessary to spend thousands on taxi rental. Read how you can explore these tourist places using govt buses. 

4. IRCTC retiring rooms

A reasonably priced stay option in railway stations - very useful if you have a train ticket and need room for half day, morning to evening etc.

5 . Three wheel scooters

What I found in Europe- has good potential if launched in India

6. Buddha hill statue Goa

A lesser known attraction in Goa

7. Schengen visa process and experience

Read and plan your Schengen visa application better

8. Kabbinale falls

A small waterfalls near Hebri now closed

9. Hastha shilpa

A worth visiting heritage museum in Manipal. Yet to write a more detailed post about this place.

10. 20% TCS Rule

Are there any posts you liked the most? Do let me know

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