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Huligemmana Kolla near Badami- worth visiting?

Huligemmana Kolla is a small temple complex under the rocks near Badami. If you’re visiting Badami, Pattadakal etc and have a few hours to spare, you can divert to Huligemmana Kolla.

I could not visit Huligemmana Kolla near Badami during our April visit. That time we were using public transport, the Huligemmana Kolla was 3 kms from the main road- I was pretty sure there won’t be any water and not worth walking 3 kms or wasting money on Auto, so we skipped it

Recently, during our second visit in December, we had a taxi so we decided to drive in and see what was there. Unfortunately the stream was dry in December as well- no water or droplets at best.

Huligemmana Kolla is a small temple under the giant rock. It is said to be set up in 13th century by Parashurama. It has its share of devotees who visit the temple. My interest was in the stream or Kolla part of it. There is a stream originating from the temple side and flows down the valley- but it was dry in December. I guess there will be some water only during July-October months.

Below are the photos of Huligemmana Kolla temple complex. If you’re visiting Badami area during monsoon months, it is worth diverting a bit and visiting Huligemmana Kolla temple. Huligemmana Kolla is not too far from Mahakoota. I don’t see any point visiting Huligemmana Kolla outside rainy season, unless you’re a devotee or keen to explore the rocky area a bit

There are no buses to Huligemmana Kolla but buses heading to Pattadakal can drop you off at main road. From there, either walk 3 km one way, or hope for some share auto to pick you up. No facilities like toilet or drinking water are available around the temple. Carry what you need.

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