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Adi Yogi statue in Udupi district

Adi Yogi statue was first built in Coimbatore by Isha Foundation and later they launched Bengaluru version at Chikballapur. Do you know that Udupi has its own Adi Yogi statue?

A small Hindu cemetery in Udupi district, in a town called Kokkarne, some 27 kms north east of Udupi has a small size Adi Yogi statue.

The statue is small, there is nothing else around it to make it a tourist attraction and the place is not promoted as a tourist attraction either. So you will get bored within minutes. But then, yes, you can take a good luck from up close and offer your prayers to Lord Shiva.

Watch an insta clip below

If keen to visit Udupi's Adi Yogi statue at Kokkarne, you can plan a day trip. There are other attractions nearby, to include in your plan

Nearby attractions: Jomlu falls near Hebri (13 kms, often closed)*  Varanga Lake Basadi (27 kms) * Anjali water park (10 km, might be closed) * Bharathkal Haladi (25 kms) * Suralu Palace * Barkuru historic town (16 kms) * Delta Beach & Kemmannu hanging bridge (30 kms)*

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