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Hampi Trip Planning guide, FAQs, Itinerary

This post is drafted to help you plan your trip to Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of most visited destinations in Karnataka. Because of the vast area, limited transportation options, extreme heat etc, visiting Hampi needs a bit of planning to optimize your time, money and effort. Else without basic knowledge and a plan you will be at the mercy of local auto drivers/taxi drivers and may lose time, money or miss some interesting attractions. Go through the FAQs, any additional info needed do leave a comment.

Q1: How many days are needed to explore Hampi?

  • Minimum 2 full days needed, 
  • Recommended: 3 days, 
  • If you can, 4 days to explore in leisure+ visit nearby towns

Q2: Where should we stay in Hampi?

Most stay options will be around Hosapet town, 12 kms from Hampi. Staying here would be cheap but you'll spend on transportation. Kamalapura has KSTDC Mayura Bhuvaneshwari, few budget lodges, Kishkinda side also there're few resorts.

  • If you have own vehicle, don't worry about location, stay at any place that suits your budget and interest
  • If you don't have a vehicle, better stay in Kamalapura area- you can reach various attractions by auto for a few hundred rupees.

Evolve Back Hampi offers the most luxurious stay.

Q3: Can we explore in our own car in Hampi?

Yes but with conditions.

  • Vittala temple all vehicles are to be parked 1 km away. Last 1.5 km either walk or take electric buggy (10 INR per person per ride)
  • Virupaksha temple -car parking can be almost 500 meters away, so there will be a bit of walking. Auto guys can go closer and drop you off
  • Limited parking near Queen's bath, not much parking near Mahanavami Dibba, parking available near Lotus Mahal. Expect fair bit of walking even if you have vehicle.
  • On weekends and holidays parking might be tricky. Roads are narrow but fine for cars.
  • Attractions between Virupaksha temple, Bazaar street, Matunga hill, Achutalaya temple and Vittala temple including river side access with coracle ride can only be reached by foot

If you can go in your own car to Hampi you can proceed, but do keep a plan B in case no parking space left or extensive walking required.

Q4: How good is public transportation? Can we manage with bus and auto?

Buses are available between Hosapet and Hampi, but NOT to visit various attractions within Hampi

Within Hampi local autos are your best bet. Below are the amount we paid

  • Full day (10 AM to 4 PM) North Hampi (Anjanadri hill n 4-5 other spots in Kishkinda) auto tour: 1500
  • Hosapet to Hampi: 250-300 INR (12 km)
  • Kamalapura to Virupaksha temple, Vittala Temple to Kamalapura (5-6 kms): 200 INR
  • Kamalapura to TB Dam and back: 600 INR
  • Coracle ride in TB river: 500 INR per person for 30 minutes

Price may vary a bit depending on season, demand, how best you can bargain and how badly auto driver needs a ride. But easily 20-25 INR per km can be used as a benchmark amount.

Self drive two wheeler rental is another option in Hampi.

If you're OK to walk 15-20 kms in a day, then you can even manage most of Hampi on foot-except in peak summer.

Q5: What is the best season/time to visit Hampi?

  • I would say avoid summer time (Late Feb/March to June) as the area gets very hot.
  • July to Feb should be good. We visited in December and didn't face any issues

Q6: What all we can visit nearby to Hampi if we have extra time?

  • Mantralaya (180 kms)
  • Alamatty Dam (150 kms)
  • Aihole (130 kms)
  • Badami (150 kms)

 Q7: What about food? Are there good restaurants?

Not too many. There are several road side hotels and a few decent ones. Below are the ones we visited

  • Restaurant within KSTDC Mayura Bhuvaneshwari
  • Mango Mist
  • Udupi
  • Shanbhaug's (Hosapete)

Q8: Other things to keep in mind while visiting Hampi

  • Beware of monkeys
  • Some main temples like Virupaksha temple may have dress code
  • Most places open at 6 AM, closes by 6 PM. If you want to take photos without crowd, go early at 6 or 7 AM
  • Vittala temple musical pillars were not accessible due to maintenance (could see from distance, can't tap to listen to music), TB Dam sound and light show was under maintenance- so be ready for some disappointments.

 Q9: What would be a suggested itinerary for Hampi?

Hampi Itinerary 1: 2 full days, hectic but comprehensive

Day 01 Morning: get dropped at Virupaksha temple, quick stop at Ugranarasimha on the way, visit bazaar, matunga hill, walk to Achutaraya temple, coracle ride if interested, walk further to Vittala Temple.

Buggy to parking area, take auto back to town, lunch

Second half- get dropped at Lotus Mahal parking- visit Lotus Mahal, Elephant stable, hazarama temple, mahanavami dibba, pushkarini, Queen's bath (about 3-4 kms total walking), take auto back to hotel.

Late evening visit TB dam for sound and light show (7PM), dinner at Hosapete and get dropped to hotel

Day 02: Visit North Hampi (Anjanadri, Kishkinda)

Zoo visit/Safari if interested, Anjanadri hill, lake, temple

Hampi Itinerary 3: 3 days, leisure

Assuming you've 2 full days and 2 half days, below is how you can plan

Day 01 second half:

Visit TB Dam, sound and light show, shopping in Hosapete, stay overnight at Hosapete

Day 02: Hampi main attractions as per day 01 plan in Itinerary 01

Day 03: Full day at Kishkinda (North Hampi)

Day 04: Zoo visit, Safari or hot air balloon ride, return

Hope this helps

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