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Railway Museum, Hubballi- what to expect?

Hubballi Railway Museum is a small campus compared to Railway Museum in Chennai and Mysuru. Below is what you can expect to see at Hubli Rail Museum.

1. Toy train:

A good piece for photo op. It doesn't move so nothing much to do here.

2. Train Engines & compartments:

Couple of train engines, compartments, cargo carriage are kept at the entrance. Visitors can go inside and take a closer look. Passenger compartment is nothing unique- still in use and can be visited during train journeys. Engine compartment visit also wasn’t exciting because most of the equipment were missing and there was no description detailing what are these equipment are used for.

3. Signal posts, Railway Mascot

4. Next we visited a building in which various railway related materials were displayed- various equipment used, types of parcels (bike parcel was missing). The cartoons were interesting.

5. Two full compartments were there- one no entry, other was displaying some video at 20 Rs extra ticket. A set of train wheels are also displayed

6. Good quality toilet facilities are available inside Hubballi Railway Museum,

7. Canteen was closed during our visit

8. Wheel and axles: A display of different types of wheels and axles used in trains. I was only aware of meter gauge and broad gauge- thought all trains use same size wheels- need to learn more about these wheels and their usage.

9. Another display room shows more railway equipment and materials.

Drinking water facility is available inside.

We can spend about an hour or two in Hubballi’s Railway Museum. There is a 30 rupees entry ticket per person, and the museum is open till about 7 PM in the night.

If you are in Hubballi near the railway station and have an hour to spare you can plan a short visit to the railway museum. 


Hubballi’s railway museum is bit smaller compared to Mysuru or Chennai, worth a short visit if in town and have a few hours to spare.

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