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Curious case of Mud Bathing in Vietnam

As we were riding our rented motor cycle along the streets of Phu Quoc, we came across this display board advertising mud bathing feature.

I was tempted by the prospect of drinking tender coconut water while enjoying a mud bath while few of my friends were excited about other things. We went in to check what it is and pricing. The place was run by a Russian named D'mitri. The owner was nice and showed us around. It was like 10 in the morning and the entire premise looked like it had just opened for business, all empty.

What they offer is some large bath tub like set up, into which they will pour warm mud. So visitors need to enter the tub, spend time in the mud and come out. You can apply it on your body and hope for some rejuvenating experience. Whoever you need by your side you’ve to take them along and NOT supplied by the mud bath company.

Their mud bath price starts from around 400000 VND (INR 1500) per person. I am not sure of the duration- I think 30 or 45 minutes per session.  

After the mud bath you can take a shower, try a steam bath, massage, pool, have a drink at their bar etc, at extra cost of course.

After taking a tour of the property by the owner and seeing empty tubs, we didn’t have much interest and left the place saying we will visit later.

Versailles Spa Phu Quoc have a website but it is only limited to collecting your contact details. Doesn’t share any info on pricing etc

Stone Age resort in Sakleshpura offers Mud Volleyball as an activity. Playing in mud is a common village activity in India as well. Kambala is an epitome of it.

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