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Sri Parvathammana Gudi Betta, Sakleshpura- Easy trek spot

Parvathammana Gudi betta is a nice easy to climb trekking option in Sakleshpura. Vehicle will reach till the base of the rock and from there an easy climb will take you to the top of the rock. As I was scouting for places to visit near our stay (StoneAge Resort), Sri Parvathammana Gudi Betta came up on the map. Sri Parvatammana Gudi Betta is roughly 20 kms from Sakaleshpur town and roads are good. Our host also said they organize a trek to this spot for their guests- anyway we visited on our own after visiting Maharajanadurga fort and Shettihalli church. A further walk will take you to a small temple. If you go in the evening, sunset view will be nice.

Sunset view from Sri Parvathammana Gudi betta, Sakleshpura, India

Below is a drone view of the rock. [Watch on youtube]

Parvathammana Gudi betta is an easy access hill in Sakleshpura for some mild trekking. So it is good to visit with family- even those not fit for trekking can climb a bit slowly and enjoy the view. No facilities are available, carry what you need, do not litter.

From the top you can see several other giant rocks around.

Nearby: Maharajanadurga Fort * Shettihalli Church

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