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How Sakleshpura is controlling overtourism

Over tourism is an issue at many tourist destinations around the world. When a city/destination gets too many tourists than it can handle, it causes more harm than good. Venice is now imposing an entry tax on visitors, Bhutan also has a huge tax. 

Sakleshpura is a nice calm destination in South Karnataka- not as popular and crowded as nearby Coorg, Chikmagalur etc but it has also started to get too many tourists.

While too many tourists is good for local hotel owners, taxi drivers etc, it causes lots of problems

  • Many tourists throw garbage and litter the area
  • People drinking alcohol and throwing beer bottles is a menace
  • Too many visitors cause traffic jam
  • As rents and prices go up , locals also will have to pay more for everything
  • Forest Fire risk from cigarettes, campfires etc
  • Tourists are clueless about ecological sensitivity, elephant corridors, entry restricted reserve forests and other rules, end up abusing the nature

People of Sakleshpura have found a relatively easy way to control over tourism, without having to wait till Govt makes some rules and enforce them. They simply make it more complex to reach a destination by digging trenches across. Tourists- even those who come in 4x4 like Thar are forced to stop and cover remaining distance by foot. Many tourists who do not have time or do not want to trek a km or two, will chose to return and go somewhere else.

But this also puts senior citizens at an inconvenience. If they can't trek they will have to wait in the car while other family members return from trek. 

Above pic is from Hosahalli gudda shooting point. This approach is followed in several spots all around Sakleshpura including Patla betta

What do you think of this technique? Good or bad? Is it fair to add some inconvenience and discourage tourists?

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