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Bagalakote fort, town, hotel- first visit experience

Bagalakote is a district in Karnataka. The popular Badami and Aihole temples are in Bagalakote district. While tourist attractions in Bagalakote district are well known, the town of Bagalakote doesn't really count as tourist attraction

As we were planning for a visit of Badami, Aihole from Hampi we didn't get any rooms in Badami, hence we decided to stay at next closest town, Bagalakote and then from there travel to Aihole, Pattadakal and Badami.

I'd been to Badami, Aihole earlier but this was my first visit to Bagalakote.

What to see in Bagalakote?

As I was scouting for places to visit in Bagalakote, the fort came up as main attraction. So on the evening, I took a bus to old Bagalakote bus stand and from there the fort was about 2 kms by walk. As I walked towards the Ghataprabha river, I could see the remains of the fort. Unfortunately the fort ruins have very little left and the area is not preserved. Locals use the area as their open toilet. No boundary walls, no displays, nothing. 

Bagalakote Fort

Bagalakote was under the rule of several kings in history- Adil Shai of Bijapur, Tipu Sultan, Vijayanagara Empire, Maratha rulers and so on. So no clear history is available about this fort like who built it, who destroyed etc. Bagalakot fort's location by the river, with strong winds also might have contributed.

Map showed a hiking spot few kms away from Bagalakote fort. Didn't have proper transportation and time so skipped it.

Besides the fort not many attractions in Bagalakote town. You may head to Alamatti dam area (40 kms) or visit Aihole, Badami, Pattadakal from Badami.

Where to stay in Bagalakote?
We stayed in Hotel Akshay international, which was about 500 meters from Navanagar bus stand. Auto guy asked 100 INR for this 500 meter, so we decided to walk. There was a Kamat Annaleela in same building which is a plus point. Akshay International costs 1200 INR to walk in but when booked on makemytrip costed us 1500 INR

Rooms were spacious (they have a smaller, cheaper room, we'd booked slightly spacious one). AC won't work. Bathroom was fine. Some colour to the walls and roof added some jazz to otherwise standard room.
Taxi operators in Bagalkot:
It wasn't easy to find a taxi, as there are no designated taxi stands or travel agent shops. I found one operator, you may call the number
Entrance to Bagalakote town

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