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Hosahalli Gudda shooting point, Sakleshpura

Hosahalli Gudda shooting point is a tourist attraction in Sakaleshpura. It is a small hill, with a broken watch tower, with about a 2 kms off-road track. 

Access: The last 2 kms are bit bad roads. Normal cars can go if drivers have confidence. I could drive there in Venue, I saw a Ritz also reaching. But many car owners prefer to park behind and walk the last 500 odd meters to 1 km distance.

Locals have dug a trench preventing full access. Last 200-300 meters everyone has to trek uphill. I think this is their approach to prevent over tourism.

What to expect?

There is a broken watch tower without proper steps. We need to walk carefully on the frame and climb up. Very dangerous if you're not careful or not confident. No proper base to stand and watch peacefully. We will get some nice view all around. 

Is it worth visiting? If you are heading towards Bisile, Patla Betta or Subramanya, Hosahalli Gudda shooting point will be a small diversion worth it. If you’re starting from Sakleshpura town, it is 1-1.5 hours away, so you’ve to decide if it is worth or you’ve something better.

Apparently some movie songs were shot here. The actual Hosahalli gudda is bit away (4-5 kms) and needs even more trekking.

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