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Scuba diving in Kundapura- Details, Price

Recently news was floating in social media that scuba diving has started in Kundapura, close to my home town. I had done scuba diving in Netrani (Murudeshwara) and Andaman, so was keen to know more about the adventure activity being offered so close to my home.

I drove to their office and visited a staff member. He didn't know local language but could offer following information:

PADI certification will cost 24000 INR- consists of 4 sessions.

Individual dive will cost 3000 INR per person, should be booked at least a day in advance. Reporting time is 7.45 AM. Keep yourself free till lunch time as full expedition will take about half  a day to return.

Dive involves about 2 hour boat ride into the ocean (will be reduced to 1 hour once they add second engine to their boat), dive to some 8 meter depth and back.

A main motivation for scuba diving is the corals in the sea bed. Netrani island near Murudeshwara has nice corals, but I wasn't sure if Kundapura has. I was told corals are in developing stage, main attraction will be the fishes.

I saw that some operators are offering Scuba diving off Kapu as well. Even Kayaking is now available all along the coastline between Mangaluru and Karwar.

It is good to have these adventure options closer to Udupi- we can save a lot on travel expense having to go to Murudeshwara or Andaman on Maldives etc and experience Scuba diving closer home. However not very sure if underwater experience will be as exciting and as colourful as other popular destinations- this we will know once some videos surface from those who dive at Kundapurua or Kapu

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  1. why do u need PADI certification for scuba ? This post seems incomplete written in hurry without diving pics and all. Pls provide some value to us man


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