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Attention! A.P.Tourism

This post aims to assist AP tourism in applying a small (really small) correction related to tourist information. I found a signboard near Paradise recently which states distance between Runway 9 and Dhola-ri-Dhani is just one kilometer. See image.

Pretty small error, nevertheless it is wrong information. Runway 9 is a carting (and such entertainment spot) off Bowenpalli area while Dhola-ri-Dhani is a Rajastani theme restaurant cum resort some 7-10 kms further north-west from Runway 9 on the Nagpur Highway.

I like their punch line: AP Tourism, Happy Tourism...

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  1. its a very useful blog with much information regarding ealth in all terms……..

  2. Hi Shrinidhi

    This is Vikram here. I am elated that you liked the tagline "AP Tourism Happy Tourism", because I am the guy who actually wrote that line for AP Tourism in 1998-99. I am a Copy Writer by profession. And nothing makes a writer more happier than genuine and unbiased appreciation like this. Thanks a lot again. My email id is thanks a lot again
    Happy blogging


  3. Hi Srinidhi..

    Nice to see your blog once again,this one coming in the Top5 ones in my search for 'Tagline for Tourism in India' in Google.

    Nice topic as well..

    Kepp it uppp..

    Rakesh Kanduri


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