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Best of 2006-Quick recap of Posts

Since this blog gained some visibility and readership only in early 2007, I feel like summarizing various posts published in 2006 for the benefit of new readers. This post will also help first time visitors who will not have time to read all post individually and can pick posts that interests them from this summary.

There were over 53 posts published in 2006 and I’ve shortlisted 25 of them as good ones and explaining contents of each post in a sentence or two here. If that interests you, please click on the title to read the original post in a new window.

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Light hearted, humor oriented posts

1. Why hate hate communities?
Genre: Generic thoughtsLength: Medium No of comments: 5Popularity-Hit

Wrote this post after getting hundreds of mails saying so and so has created so and so community in orkut with negative opinion about this and that. I felt such things can be best ignored and this post explains my stand.

2.What this Patna gentleman is going to do with Aish's skirt?
Genre: HumorLength: Medium No of comments:9 Popularity:Super Hit

Sony MAX gifted a skirt worn by Aishwarya in movie Dhoom 2 to someone from Patna. What that man could have done with her skirt? An impact analysis.

3. SMS and Win Hype
Genre:HumorLength: Short No of comments: 7Popularity:Hit

You can do wonders by sending SMS isn’t it? Read this post for a detailed analysis if it’s worth sending these commercial messages

4. My Cooking Expedition
Genre:HumorLength: Short No of comments: 7Popularity:Hit

Experiences of Cooking, during my Stay at Kottivakam, Chennai

5. Email superstition
Genre: ThoughtsLength: large No of comments: 4Popularity:Hit

Lists various email forwards people send without a second thought
Serious analysis on Business, HR and lifestyle issues

6. Why People lie?
Genre: Human RelationsLength: Large No of comments:9Popularity: hit

Explains reasons why people lie? | Kannada Version

7.Rejection Handling-Causes and Remedy
Genre: Thoughts and adviceLength: Medium No of comments:4 Popularity: Super hit

An analysis of causes of rejection and tips to handle them. Eventually became a top contender in search engine queries for rejection handling

8.Being Busy
Genre: ThoughtsLength: Short No of comments: Popularity:average

An analysis of being Busy

9.Is Metro Cash and Carry really cheap?
Genre: Cost analysisLength: Short No of comments:0Popularity:Flop

I was going through Metro Cash and Carry catalogue and observed that their pricing has nothing cheap about it.

10. About IBM Satyam takeover rumor?
Genre: StrategyLength: Large No of comments: 6Popularity: Super Hit

There was widespread rumor early 2006 that IBM is eyeing to buy Satyam Computers. Both parties have denied it and nothing has happened in past 2 years, though rumor hasn’t died completely. This post was a detailed analysis of possibilities related to this takeover rumor.

11.Pros and Cons-Branded goods vs unbranded ones
Genre: Value analysisLength: Short No of comments: 5Popularity:Hit

Compares advantages and disadvantages of buying a particular item from a branded showroom vis-à-vis a roadside vendor.

12. Should Govt withdraw sovereign guarantee from LIC?
Genre: Govt policiesLength: Short No of comments:2 Popularity: Average

Private insurance players were pressurizing govt to withdraw sovereign guarantee that Central Government was giving to LIC policy holders. An overview

13. Orkut and Employee Productivity?
Genre: Productivity issuesLength: Medium No of comments: 5Popularity:Super hit

Many IT companies started banning orkut at office, siting productivity concerns. This post explains the factors that may affect employee productivity

14.Do we need unions in IT companies?
Genre: Length: Short No of comments:1 Popularity:Average

Along with a detailed analysis, concludes there is no need for any unions in IT industry at this moment.

15. How to survey for Best employer?
Genre:ThoughtsLength: Short No of comments: Popularity:Average

How do you select best employer? Explains how Business today conducted its survey and tells why such surveys lack credibility

16. Education and Attrition?
Genre:SocietyLength: Short No of comments: Popularity:

Why some people keep jumping jobs every few months for better salaries while thousands of others wander around jobless? An introspection
Travel and tourism related posts

17. Anantagiri Hills
Genre: TrekkingLength: Short No of comments:0 Popularity: Hit

Anantagiri hills, some 100 kms off Hyderabad. We went there trekking and this post is an illustrated description of the same.
Generic and miscellaneous posts

18. Summer of 05-A modified poem
Genre:PoemLength: Short No of comments: Popularity:Flop

I made small modifications to Bryan Adam’s summer of ’60 song and published here. Written around getting a job etc

19. Roger that and other Radio Terminologies-
GenreLength: Short No of comments: Popularity:Average

Collection of all words and their meanings used in army, navy etc. (Example: Roger means “I’ve received your message and understood it”)

20. SAAS-Software As a Service
Genre:technologyLength: Short No of comments: Popularity:Average

An introduction to the concept of SAAS (Software as a service)

21. Hyd vs Chennai vs B'lore
Genre: LivingLength: Short No of comments: Popularity: Superhit

Compares several factors related to 3 south Indian cities-Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, crafted out of my experience in these 3 cities.

22. Chennai Police and their Accent Cars
Genre: Law and OrderLength: Short No of comments: Popularity: Average

Hyundai gifted over 100 Accent cars to Chennai police, with which they can now chase law breakers, just the way their counter parts in US used to do. Nearly one year down the line, I want any of the Chennai based bloggers to take stock and write how effectively these cars are being used.

23. ?
Genre: SecurityLength: Short No of comments: Popularity: Flop

24. Asset vs Liability?
Genre : FinanceLength: Short No of comments: Popularity: Average

Which one can be called as an asset and which one is a liability? This post can help you decide that.

25.Hyd 10 Run-report?

Genre: Sports and fitnessLength: Short No of comments: Popularity: Flop

Running 10 kms for a cause…A first hand account on Hyderabad 10k run in which I participated (and ran 10kms too!)
Legend: Short: Around 500 words, Medium: 500-1500 words, Large: Above 1500 words
Comment count at the time of composing this post, including author’s replies

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  2. Take your time Hari, you're always welcome. btb be sure to drop a comment...

  3. 22. Chennai Police and their Accent Cars

    i will try to do someting on this shri

  4. Hey,now a days your blog has become self-centered. You are always writing about your previous posts and statistics. Are you running out of ideas or what?

    No offences meant, just on the lighter side...

  5. Logesh: You're welcome. Let me know once you publish it

    Anonymus, response to your comment warrants a new post altogether. Standby for that

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    Really admire the way you do.
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    Keep up the Good job.

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