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How to blog in Kannada (and Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and other regional languages?)

Of late few people were landing in this blog trying to find out how to blog in Kannada (or other regional languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam for that matter).

This post gives some basic information related to writing in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil etc and is for the benefit of such individuals who want to blog (or just type) in regional languages. Those who are already aware of this please ignore this post (will be good if you can read and give extra tips, if any...)

Now onwards I’ll be giving instructions keeping Kannada language in mind. Similar steps can be used for other languages.

How do I blog in Kannada? ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಬ್ಲ್ಲಾಗು ಬರೆಯುವುದು ಹೇಗೆ?

First, register and start a blog with blogger or wordpress etc. These popular hosts will not provide a plug-in or utility to type your content in regional languages and you’ll have to relay on third party applications/websites to type in Kannada.

Now comes three aspects:

A. You just want to publish one post in Kannada language with Kannada script
For this, you just need to type in Kannada somewhere and copy paste the text in the content box of new post.

If you have installed softwares like Baraha and Nudi, life will be much easier. You can type and save your writing at your convenience and publish when you want, by copy pasting the kannada character into blog new post page. (unicode characters can be easily copy pasted under web 2.0 platform...)

In case you’re accessing net from a system where you can’t install Baraha or Nudi or don’t want to do that each time, you can make use of web pages which allow you to do that: I like two such pages: One: or (both of these support several other regional languages including Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu etc)(Quillpad has improved a lot in past few months. Now it is possible to type Kannada English combination). Type your content here and then copy paste in blogger. In case you want to save it, send it to your gmail Id by mail.

Use this approach wherever you want to put Kannada characters-Orkut scrapbook/comments in other blogs etc..

B. You want to change entire blog layout with Kannada
Simple. For title, you can consider designing a good banner with blog title, image, description and then save this as a jpg image. From blogger dashboard, navigate to template-Title, replace tittle with above image.

For other places (like to replace comments with “tippani” ಟಿಪ್ಪಣಿ, ಲೇಖಕರು, ವರ್ಗ etc) go to templates-edit the "posts" box, look for place where comments is there and replace it with Kannada word (type them first elsewhere as described in step A above).

Hope this helps.

C: How to move articles saved in Baraha and Nudi to blogger?
coming soon


  1. Thank you for the post.. i was wanting to post a song's lyrics on my blog and was wondering how to have it in kannada. I stumbled on your website.. it helped!

  2. @ Smilinglight

    My pleasure... Glad to see this post receiving a comment an year after its publication...

  3. One essential factor is to ensure that your kannada blog is in unicode. This will enable kannada searching on the search engines; see more info here:

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  7. Thank you for sharing!

  8. It is very nice to have this. I am so happy and proud. I have a seminar and want translate my talk into kannada. Can you help me to translate this.? Please?

    Seminar –Hindu Seva Prathishtana

    Theme: A platform for teaching through thought waves.

    As professionals we are all ambassadors of education irrespective of place or the subject we teach. We spread knowledge to children at a very young age. We are negotiating with a group of children who have to face the world which is full of challenges and competition. The children are ignorant of this fact. It may not be easier to deal with children because each one of them has different characters, ambitions, likes and dislikes. Also they have different talents and skills. If such skills and talents are traced at a very young age, the teachers can mould the children in their particular field of interest and success is definite. We all find this a very difficult task.

    The child’s mind is a free mind-but not empty, they may not be able to express their views. At that young age the mind is wavering and has no real direction because the purpose is not well defined. The teachers are the advocates who can define a purpose and design class room lesson plans, activities within the school and also behavior outside the school. This looks very easy but we all know that it is a Herculean task.

    The responsibility of the teaching staff does not end just in teaching but to make sure that the students have learnt what has been taught in the class room. It is time to build an awareness that learning is not just to become a graduate or a post graduate and find a suitable career for further progress of the individual student but to be a good human being, to bring about a culture of oneness and togetherness. If this culture is taught at the school level, this discipline shall remain with the student life long.

  9. As far as I know there's no free utility that'll translate from english to kannada... You've to do it manually...

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  16. Is the post typed in Baraha or nudi can be directly copy and pasted in wordpress blog will work...?

    If in case I have tried it but it didn't worked for me.
    I have to translate it into UNICODE, is there a way in which I can directly convert it or should I have to write everything in unicode type only.

    Thanks in advance :)

  17. Some times while typing Nudi in MS Word, some junk character like copy right sybol or registration symbol appears. How to suppress them from being typed?

  18. is it possible to generate a decent income out of kannada blogging?

    1. I doubt. Some secondary income possible but making a living purely by blogging is tricky unless you are very very popular


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