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Ramoji Film City-Photo Slideshow

Being in Hyderabad and not blogging about Ramoji Film City? It can’t be. Though I’d been to Ramoji Film city several months earlier and went again recently (to give company to my friend Santosh who was here from Delhi on work), I could never blog about RFC till date due to time constraint. In this post I’m sharing the photos taken at Ramoji Film city as a slideshow. As and when time permits, I would be publishing following articles related to Ramoji Film City. 1. Process Improvement Suggestion for Ramoji Film City 2. Advantages and Disadvantages of shooting a film in film cities instead of elsewhere 3. A tip to delight your loved one at Ramoji Film City 4. Tourist Information and tips to get maximum out of RFC 5. Videos taken at Ramoji Film City Slideshow 1: Photos and upload courtesy: Santosh BS Enjoy the photos and standby for further articles on Ramoji Film City.  |Ramoji Film City Video clips


  1. just saw da fotos and articles.santosh from sullia? looks different any way.

  2. No. It is not Santosh from Sullia. It is another Santosh from Bangalore.

  3. dear sir, dis is vasudha, astudent of architecture...i'm in my final semester and am doin a thesis on film city..for that have to do a case study of ramoji film city...if u cud plz mail me d article regarding RFC dat u mentioned here or post it here...i wud be really very grateful....thanking you...vasudha( mail id - vasudha174@gmail.com) plz do reply...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. hello sir i m student of architecture final year doing thesis on film city plz if u hav ny type of data plz send me in das.sanchita3011@gmail.com...

  6. hello sir i m student of architecture final year doing thesis on film city plz if u hav ny type of data plz send me in poojaparchure3@gmail.com

  7. hi myself shijas doing final year architecture......... me doing film city for thesis........ if you could help me... please do something......... ........ kindly send me any details if any you have......... it will be of great help
    your pleasingly

  8. sir my final year project is on film city can u send me any data relevant to it?

  9. Good Evening Sir,

    Sir, film city is my thesis project, I am an architecture student in 4th year, sir can you please mail the details related to film city, please try to help me

    Thank you

  10. Sneha, Shijas, Mini, Vasudha

    Sorry for late reply. My suggestion is that you guys go explore the film city and then use it for your thesis/work. I may share some photos, but that won't aid much.

    All the best


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