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MS discontinues Office Assistants from Office 2007 onwards. Goodbye Scribble

Executive Summary: Microsoft has discontinued Office Assistants from Office 2007 onwards. This post gives an illustrated and descriptive account in this regard.

Hello every body,
My name is Scribble, The Cat. I was one of the several office agents in Microsoft’s Office Application. We took birth with Office 2000 and have been volunteering to help users with useful information whenever we felt they needed help (Read: Whenever we realized that these stupid users can’t learn the right usage themselves) using office application.
I was helping MS word (and other office applications as well) users in their day to day work. (Whenever someone started the document typing “Dear abc,” I used to peep in from no where and ask them “Seems like you’re typing a letter, should I help?
(As if I know what they plan to write and write the entire letter myself-On the second thought, trust me, I could really help people write letters-I’ve seen thousands of love letters, hate letters, resignations, business proposals, reports written right in front of my eyes and right under my nose). I helped them when they asked questions (Don’t blame me if my answers were not helpful…Just that users were very dumb and didn’t know how to ask questions properly). Whenever people clicked on me and asked me to animate, I used to make several funny gestures and relax them, often serving as their stress busters.

I never discriminated between those who bought legal copy and those who were using pirated ones. I served you all.

But now, time has come that I must go. Highly paid software engineers at Microsoft have decided to discontinue me and my fellow Office assistants from Office 2007 onwards. Reason being sited is that New Microsoft Office 2007 is more interactive with its ribbon future and all. Though Project 2007 and Visio 2007 are quite similar to their earlier variants from a look and feel perspective, I wasn’t given a place there too. Office Assistants were optional in later versions of Office and people had option of enabling/disabling them. Now they say I’ve no place at all in Office 2007…Hmm…What can I say? Good bye…

Author: We miss you and your pals Scribble.(Other office agents were: Clippit –The clip, The Dot (red ball), F-1 (a robot), The Genius (a caricature of Albert Einstein), Office Logo (jigsaw puzzle), Mother Nature (a globe) and Power Pup (a dog).)take care. I’m sure you’ll be around for quite sometime as not everyone will shift to Office 2007 overnight.

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