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Club Mahindra Article tops search Engine

After beating several leading websites for Rejection Handling, my article is topping the search engine again, this time for club mahindra. Refer images. Have managed to enter top 5 slot for search strings related to Club Mahindra. It’s so close to Club Mahindra official website that many people are coming to my blog instead of checking out club Mahindra official website. The post tells why it is not a good decision to opt for Club Mahindra's life membership and justifies it with necessary facts and reasoning. It has also received highest number of comments in this blog for any post. Several readers have shared their experience (by and large negative) about Club Mahindra. If you haven't read that post, read it here.

On (2nd position out of 897,000 matches: Live link)
Shrinidhi Hande article on club mahindra tops search engines
...btb checked out Safari browser recently. Didn't find anything unique at first use. Exploring more on it.

On (4th position out of 835,000 matches-Live link)
club mahindra article by Shrinidhi (Mirror image- 2nd position,live link)

Reaching top is nothing. Staying there is. Not sure if I’ll be able to stay there forever. Its real tough. Ranking keep changing based on thousands of factors that go into Google’s indexing algorithm. While my rejection handling article took over an year to reach top 10, The article on Club Mahindra has taken around 6 months to reach top 5. This success is attributed mainly to high quality of the content, coupled with tactical implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies. More about SEO soon. (On Yahoo and other search engines the rankings are not so high, they use quite different indexing algorithm compared to Google...)

The article on Club Mahindra has got over 100 comments now. These comments have been analysed in a separate post here

This post is only to share my delightment with you and contains the information available freely on internet for anyone to validate.
Note: Actual results may vary w.r.t time, search string, search engine used etc, since search result indexing is a dynamic phenomenon involving millions of equations. Images given here are as available with the author at the time of composing this post.

Thank you all.

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