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Rs. 10 OFF-Lifetime Offer on Samsung TV!!!

This post only shares a small observation made by the author. No offence is meant and no conclusions should be drawn about the product by reading this.

While reading newspaper on the Independence Day, I came across this ad (refer image) about Samsung Television in Times of India Hyderabad edition dated 15-Aug-2007, Page 5

I saw the field: "SPL price" which read: Rs.58990/- and then glanced above to see what the previous price was: MRP: Rs.59000/- What is the difference? Just 10 bucks. Was shocked to see the unbelievable amount of discount they were giving: INR 10 OFF on a product priced at Rs. 59000. (0.0169%) I truly couldn’t believe my eyes, as the ad claimed right in the beginning. For the sake of 60th Independence Day they could have given at least Rs 60 off, making it 0.1%

So don’t miss this lifetime opportunity…Go grad one, if you wish.

Note: That ad offers a free digicam which they claim is worth Rs 9990. But I evaluate 6 mega pixel, 3x optical zoom Samsung camera at around INR 5000, given that no accessories (Memory card, battery charger, pouch etc) are free.

Above said Rs 10 off is for 32 inch TV. For 40” TV it is Rs 5010 OFF. The ad is issued by NEXT, a chain of consumer electronics stores.

Updates: When I published this post in Mouthshut here, some readers have suggested that this is better than quoting an increased price and then showing reduced price...Others said this might be a printing mistake...

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  1. Hehe! Nice observation! This is one of the way they fool the customers!!

  2. Thanks...But they're not fooling customers...Customers are getting fooled...

    May be they wanted to show a higher price as MRP but there was a printing mistake?

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