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Blog Review and Blog Poll…

July 2020 update: Removed links now as they don't work anymore

RT Cunningham has reviewed my blog [link here] and has made some serious observations on the blog design and layout. I thank him for being frank and straightforward in his opinion and agree with most of his observations. None of the other visitors had written any serious comments on this blog layout so far, so I didn’t have a third party opinion on the same till date. RT’s review made me have a second look. Based on his observations and my own thinking, I’m in the process of implementing some changes to the layout. Hope the results will be appealing to all. Please drop a comment if you have anything to suggest/criticize about this blogs usability, title, colour combinations, sidebar contents and organizations, what is missing and what redundant etc. That will help me improve. In recent past I’ve removed several widgets (Google translator, a world map with visitor locations in it, a widget that showed how many live visitors are on this page this very moment etc) as I felt they are not adding value to the visitors and unnecessarily increase site loading time. I also tried social bookmarking icons (digg, stumble etc) but removed them after a month or so as most of visitors hardly use any of them and these widgets put a load on bandwidth. Do you think they are worth re introducing? Give me your suggestion… Blog poll: Since blogger introduced a polling page element, I ran a poll to findout the popularity of this blog. Thanks to all of you who have voted. Not all who visit the blog vote…I get over 150 visitors per day but got only around 70 votes till date. I’m closing that poll now and here are the final results: Excellent: I keep visiting often : 33 (47%) Good enough: I like it : 25 (35%) Average: You can improve a lot : 3 (4%) Ok Ok Type-Just another blog : 2 (2%) I don’t like it-Not useful at all :7 (10%) While majority of you have given positive opinion, few didn’t like at all. I’ll be thankful if you can drop a comment as to what you liked and what you didn’t like in this blog (Use anonymous comments option): Is it the content? Length of articles/blog layout/colors/style of writing/usefulness of facts and figures/frequency of posts/widgets used… Note: I've enabled comment moderation to prevent spam comments I've been getting of late. bear with me for the inconvenience this may cause till I find a better alternative. Help me improve. Leave a comment. Thanks in advance.


  1. You need just a few small changes to make your theme excellent, Shrinidhi. Keep up the good work... :-)

  2. Hari, what are those small changes?

    (Other than shifting to wordpress...)

  3. Most of them are related to the colour scheme used. I liked your header image. Why did you remove it?

  4. That image was introduced on the ocassion of India Independence Day. I wasn't intending to keep it forever. Hunting for a better title image...

    Is the current colour scheme decent?

  5. This website is the proper I enjoyed it very much


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