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Shrinidhi in ETV Show-Recorded video

Quick Summary: Shrinidhi Hande had participated in a television show in 2002 and you can see the video recording of that show and related details in this post. (if you have time read the related text, else scroll down to watch videos)
Clip 1

Background Information:
Shrinidhi Hande still photo from ETV KAnnada show
This was long overdue. Most of you might have seen my blogger profile picture and would have noticed ETV logo in the same and might be wondering if it is a digitally tampered image…Trust me, it is not. Way back in 2002, I had participated in a television show and this post is to share with you the recorded video of the same and related details.
Clip 2

What was this show?
The program was titled Yuva Chavadi (Kannada for: Youth forum (not exactly though-chavadi means a place where people gather together and discuss)) It is basically a debate show. One topic is selected and people speak for and against it. There is no winners as such. The host, Aparna consolidates the points and ends the discussion. This show used to get telecasted every Monday night 10 pm and a repeat telecast next Monday.
Clip 3

What did you speak?
The topic was “is population explosion a boon or bane?” Pretty common topic on which one would have written hundreds of essays and given lots of speeches since childhood. I choose to say “Population Explosion is not a curse and is in fact an asset”. Defending that was a challenge given that we’ve been made to believe population is a curse for this country.

Will publish English transcript soon.

About the video:
The program was for 30 mins. After deducting commercials etc, actual show was around 21 mins. Since you tube allows only 10 min max, I had to split the full video into 3 different files. (using Windows Movie Maker). But .wmv files are quite large and I'm having problem

How did you manage to get this opportunity?
Sequence of events that led to me participating in this show:

It was a Friday during Jan/Feb 2002, I was glancing through Prajavani, the then most popular Kannada daily in Karnataka (Now Vijaya Karnataka leads). There was a small article which invited interested individuals to apply for a debate show on ETV. I used to consider myself good at debates and speeches hence applied.

Few days later got a call to attend screening at Maharani Ammanni college Malleshwaram. I went there on the scheduled date and time, was asked to speak about population explosion, I spoke well and was told that result will be conveyed soon.

Few days later I got a message that I need to call one concerned person and eventually I was conveyed that I’ve been selected for the show and I need to go to Kanteerava Studio at Laggere, Bangalore for recording of the show. I was also asked to bring any one or two of my friends as audience.

After checking availability with couple of people, my JNVC classmate NR Bhat choose to join me. We traveled all the way to Laggere…and after waiting till evening, our turn came. I was participant in one of the episode and I also sat as an audience in one of the other episode.

The show was eventually telecasted during June 2002.

Did they give the CD containing the show? No. They didn’t even tell when it will be telecasted. I requested one of my relatives to record it for me.

You got any prize?
No. A gift voucher worth rs 250 which I could use to buy books at Sapna Book House. Plus free lunch and Rs 50 for conveyance.

What else?
I could have spoken with more clarity at the show, but couldn’t. Bit of excitement and that there was no chance to rehearse... It was great experience and lifetime memory to remember. Now sharing with you all…

ETV Kannada for the lifetime opportunity
Mr. Putraya Bhat and family, Bangalore-For recording the program live from TV
Mr. Laxminarayan Bhat and family, Bangalore: for the newspaper in their home which triggered this process
NR Bhat: Giving me company

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  1. Good one Srini, great "VAGWADA" with proof ! Cool...

  2. hiii gud dear,,,,,,,that too in that age!how did u come 2 know the mater dear,means how did u get invtn 4m ETC ppl to participate in that???????

  3. Saw an add in Prajavani, responded, attended screening test, got selected...


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