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Search Engine musings

Analyzing Blog traffic is fun. Once in a month or so I glance over my sitemeter and Google Analytics accounts to analyze the traffic of my blog. People are coming to my blog while looking for several information on net. Unfortunately, though I wish I could, it is not possible to cater each and every expectation of internet browsers. In this post sharing some incidents involving key combinations with which net surfers came to my blog and got disappointed. 1. I wrote “Summer of ‘05” (A slightly modified version of Bryan Adam’s popular “Summer of ‘69” in this post, I published some photos of Endpoint Manipal here, I wrote about my favorite lyrics lines here. All fine. But many people came to my blog while searching for lyrics of Summer of ’69 video of MAHE (Manipal Academy of Higher Education, a premier university in South India under which Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal Sikkim University and hundreds of other institutes operate.) What they were looking for was lyrics of MAHE’s official video, which is based on Summer of 69 song portraying local lifestyle at South Canara, various institutes and Students of MAHE etc. This is an excellent video which you shouldn’t miss watching. While I don’t have the exact lyrics (first half of the song-lyrics is same as Summer of 69, second half is Hindi wordings, music is quite different from original Summer of ’69 and is customized beautifully) , giving below the video of this song, sourced from YouTube. Enjoy. 2.I wrote about SAAS (Software As a Service) concept in this post, wrote about pros and cons of working as an independent consultant in one of my May 2007 posts, have done a detailed exploration of Club Mahindra membership pricing in this Never go for Club Mahindra post (Most popular post on this blog currently, tops search engines for Club Mahindra related strings). But someone wants to know about pricing/billing details of Independent SAAS consultant in India. I don’t know. Sorry… 3.When I said Dell has no physical showrooms and they deal direct with customers [in my post analysing in Dell's Direct Business Model] and compared Bangalore(Bengaluru), Chennai and Hyderabad in this post, people searching for Dell Showroom Hyderabad, Dell Showroom Bangalore etc come here…Atleast I’m happy they learnt that there’s no such thing called Dell Showroom to where one can go and buy Dell products. (Well… there’re few, launched on trial basis in some countries) There’re several such incidents where in visitors are leaving this blog disappointed. While I cant take the blame for not putting what visitors were looking for, I can’t blame search engines for wrong referrals either because I’m getting some traffic this way and I get an idea of what readers expect and what they look for.


  1. Hi:
    Liked your style.
    You try to answer some of those queries.
    Cool approach.

  2. Logesh, happy that you liked it.

    ಉಉನಾಶೆ , Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Will try to help them by providing more relevant content.


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