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MoserBaer cheap CD/DVDs-Kill Piracy

July 2020 update: CD/DVD are no longer relevant

This post aims to be your one stop information guide related to Moserbaer Cheap movie VCDs and DVDs.(the Hello happiness program)

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You wish to watch a movie on your computer or Home theatre, what do you do?
Option 1: Buy an original VCD/DVD from a branded showroom by paying several hundred rupees (Legal high quality content but expensive)
Option 2: Buy a pirated VCD/DVD for say 50-100 Rupees or less (illegal, quality may not be good, but pretty cheap)
Option 3: Rent a VCD/DVD for Rs.15-30 approx (Usually good quality, Watch and return it (some people make a copy of it though))

Since cost is primary concern for most of middleclass people, many of us will be tempted to go for option 2 or 3 which directly or indirectly promotes piracy, when multiple illegal copies of a movie are made.

Are you aware (if you've seen thier ads on TV), original VCDs and DVDs can be purchased at the cost of pirated one? Moserbaer India (BSE:MOSR, a leading digital media manufacturer) has taken an initiative in this regard wherein they sell Full movie VCDs Rs 28 onwards and DVDs Rs 34 onwards.

What? Tell me more…Cost and Availability Go to TOP

Hindi and regional language film VCDs are priced at Rs 28, English movie VCDs are priced at Rs 49, DVDs priced at Rs 34 onwards (Regional Languages-Rs 34, English: Rs 69). The price is so aggressive that it is at par with option 2 and 3 listed above. For the price of a pirated one you get original one. Even if you thought of taking a VCD on rent and making a copy using your DVD writer, it still makes more sense to buy original one.

Where do I get them?
All leading music stores, departmental stores like Big Bazaar, even some stationary shops sell these cheap VCDs and DVDs. For entire catalog of available titles, to buy online or for exact address of outlets checkout Moserbaer Home entertainment website.

Is it profitable for Moserbear to do this?
Yes. MoserBaer has its own manufacturing unit for digital media (CDRs and DVDRs etc) so the cost of CD/DVD for them is negligible (Blank CDRs retail at around Rs 6 onwards while DVDRs retail at Rs 15 onwards. Manufacturing cost should be around 20% of that amount). The movies they sell are usually old ones which do not have much demand as such, so it makes profitable sense to sell them with very low margin.

Advantages for buyers:
1.Satisfaction of buying a legal copy
2.Good quality video, with casings (Rs 28 VCDs come in pouch while rest come in jewel case/boxes) and colour labels. CD case free if you buy 20+ VCDs online
3. No dent on pocket. Price at par with pirated or rented movies
4. Not only Hindi and English movies, but video items (movies as well as several other videos ) in several regional language (Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc) are also available)
5. Current offer: Free shipping and Free CD case for purchase of 20+ Units

Other things one should know:Go to TOP
1. There is a money back guarantee but not sure to what extent it is feasible. Few may be of bad quality or may not play properly if faulty. You need to take that risk.
2. Latest movies may not be available like this. Only those which are few years old are sold this way (if the movie is good and if you’ve not watched it yet it is still worth collecting it.) (Note: Some exceptions may be there: for example, "Apne" and "ek chalis ki last local", Hindi movies few months old but weren’t a success at box office, are already available with MB. Newer movies are priced few rupees higher.
3. All movies will have Moser baer watermark on it.
4. DVD-R is capable of storing more than just 1 movie, but only one movie is available per DVD.(No additional videos as well, say the making of the movie) (They could have clubbed 2-3 movies and sold for few rupees extra (It will be really convenient to have Home Alone 1, 2 and 3 or Spiderman 1 2 and 3 etc in a single disc instead of half a dozen of them)
5. Some movies may be of bad quality or have some scenes missing - Fiza VCD had a delay between audio and video-I hear the dialogs first and see lip moment few seconds later, In a Kannada Movie (Ananda Bhairavi) I faced playback control issues, Aanken VCD had last few mins of video missing.
6. Also this has triggered a direct war between moserbaer and T-Series. Even T series has started selling VCDs from Rs 38 onwards (I think they dont have a manufacturing unit to supply blank CDs, hence few bucks extra...) (I find T-series Hindi movie collection much better than moserbaer's...
7.I also learnt that Moserbaer has dedicated over 16 crore for this mission and is acquiring several small and medium recording companies. I hope this brings more and more cost advantage to cunsumers in long run.
8. I’ve observed that they are using higher capacity discs to ensure that number of discs are confined to 2. (Regular CDRs can hold 700MB data /80min video, but some moderbaer moview discs contain as much as 900MB sized .dat files) I suspect they resort to cutting few scenes if they’re still unable to fit the movie in 2 discs

My experience: I bought 3 such VCDs and 1 DVD recently from Big Bazaar (Ameerpet Hyderabad). VCDs were quite good, but I am not happy with picture quality in the DVD I bought (This might be a selective case and may not be applicable to all DVD movies. The movie was very very old and probably no DVDs were in existence that time. May be the movie was stored in DVD directly from a VHS or CD)

This is an attempt by MoserBaer to focus on volume of sale and gain profit, which is beneficial for both consumers who want genuine content at reasonable price and for companies who do not want to loose their market to piracy industry. I remember Lahari Recordings in Karnataka were selling original audio cassets for Rs 20 once a time. These moves, if become popular among masses, should help eradicate video piracy and save entertainment industry. A pirated DVD (containing 3-4 latest movies) gets sold for around Rs 40 (negotiable) at Burma Bazaar Chennai (and at similar places in other cities), hence there’s still a competition for Moserbaer. I hope people change their mind and shift towards MB.

Join Hands.
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  1. yeah! Have checked out some CDs in many outlets! They are pretty cheap n good! But the problem is the collection they have! They have to improve their collection getting more movies as possible.

  2. Yes thier collection is poor.

    But they are trying to buy every media company possible...Stiff competition is going on between Moserbaer, T Series and our own Sri ganesh Videos....

    I'll be updating this post soon with some additional details

  3. Hey Shrinidhi, I have also seen these VCDs and DVDs. Unfortunately, most of the collection is crappy.

    The best movies are either unavailable in shops or cost a ton.

  4. Yes. Collection is poor. But it might be a good idea to wait for an year or so before the prices fall...

  5. Great blog. I really liked it. I have also created a lens in same niche. This is my first time , hope u guys like it. Here’s a brief intro: There are a clear indication that DVD decrypter programs are used in a bad manner such as making illegal copies of movies for sale. But are you aware that there are actually legal situations that allow you to create copies of the movies you own on DVD? With most movies costing close to$20 each it is quite easy to see why people look for anything they canto help reduce replacement costs. For more details:

  6. Ankur, yes, owners should have the right to take a backup of the movie, since discs might get damaged or lost over a period of time...As long as one doesn't make commercial misuse, it should be fine...

  7. Comments received for this post at

    Chintu25 said:
    Aug 27, 2007 10:47 AM

    Hi Shrinidhi

    With the aggressive marketing Moserbear has been doing i was aware about the VCD’s & DVD’s but you have actually give a very comparison and anaylsis of the whole scene.
    This surely is a very positive approach towards reducing piracy....lets hope more and more people pick up these CD’s
    Thanks a lot....

    Keep Writing..


    enidhi said:
    Aug 27, 2007 11:01 AM

    Thanks Smita for the comment...I hope microsoft sells Office 2007 this way...
    Absolut.Me said:
    Aug 27, 2007 11:34 AM

    Hi Shri,

    You have made some good points. I think with MB coming into market the overall CD and DVD market will grow but to curb piracy is very hard because the titles MB have are mostly crap movies, just a few are good. I got Gulzaar’s IZZAZAT at MB and I was so happy to own it. Another and most positive effect of Moser Beer coming into market is that it has forced established players like T Series and Shemaroo to reduce prices.
    You konow I bought 4 DVD’s of Shyam Benegal’s movies at just around 80/ each originally priced 349/ each. First time in my life I bought Original DVD’s.


    enidhi said:
    Aug 27, 2007 11:57 AM

    Amit, Yes, collection is very poor, but few are quite good and we can hope the good titles to be available this way over a period of time.
    Also T-Series collection is relatively better...As you said, MB has forced competion to reduce prices...
    Chintu25 said:
    Aug 27, 2007 12:11 PM

    Ha ha ha ha.....thats a very wishful thinking...they should atelast start selling ANti Virus programs that ways.....

    Softwares also has a pretty big pircay ,arket....i think 80% of people owing personal comp or laptop use pirated softwares....

    enidhi said:
    Aug 27, 2007 01:07 PM

    Yes. Software piracy is very very high. An inidividual may manage to avoid buying pirated DVD and may take an original DVD for rent. But as far as softwares are concerned, most of us simply can’t afford genuine software (15k plus for office 2007 is expensive than computer itself) hence pirated ones are the sole options left...

    But software companies get their profit from commercial organizations so they can absorb the impact of piracy by domestic users. If they reduce the price, they may suffer loss as corporate customers will may less and this loss may or may not be compensated by additional purchase by individual customers.
    Chintu25 said:
    Aug 27, 2007 01:46 PM

    Thanks for enlighting me...i had actually never thought about things from this angle....

    enidhi said:
    Aug 27, 2007 04:19 PM

    My pleasure... it is basically pure economics. If ignoring piracy is more profitable than reducing price, they would prefer it that way...
    rohitthebest said:
    Aug 27, 2007 04:29 PM

    you are right.
    but the quality i am afraid is poor.
    I bought a couple of them VCD’s and i am shocked to see even the scenes missing in the movie.
    A couple of friends of mine who have bought the same movie’s on VCD confirmed it too that there are 3-4 scene missing from the Movies.
    I think when they compromise on price they go down in quality too.

    enidhi said:
    Aug 27, 2007 04:47 PM

    As I already wrote, one should be prepared for certain compromise on quality.

    I’ve observed that they are using higher capacity discs to ensure that number of discs are confined to 2.

    (Regular CDRs can hold 700MB data /80min video, but some moderbaer moview discs contain as much as 900MB sized .dat files)

    I suspect they resort to cutting few scenes if they’re still unable to fit the movie in 2 discs

  8. Poor Collection? What do u mean by that?

    Most titles are old. But they do have some 90's movies like Vaastaav, etc.

    Besides, Sony has now released Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, etc on DVD for less than Rs90.

    So if you want to catch up on classics that you missed when they were released. This is a great chance.

  9. What I meant be poor collection is that price is the only exciting factor and not movie titles. yes, if you want age old classics then Moserbaer Hello Happiness is the best place.

    Things are changing over time (this post was written several months back) and moserbaer is very serious about this business and we can expect a better collection over a period of time.

  10. I found some interesting collection in kannada movies.
    1) kasturi nivasa
    2) sandhyaraga
    3) mallammana pavaaDa

    first 2 movies are very good. 3rd one is also good. I have bought more, but i could remember only these 3 right now. but its a great work form mosserbear as well as from you to make people know about this.

  11. Some more Kannada movies I can recollect:

    GaaLi Maatu,

    Aananda Bhairavi,

    Gauri Shankara,

    jEDara Bale,

    and many more. The collection is very huge, though all are age old collections... Refer their site for full list.

  12. Shrinidhi,

    Thanks for all the info.i stay in b'bay very few places whr i could get kannada movies.After reading yr comments i bought 7 kannada movies.I hope they improve the collection.

    Subhash Patil

  13. You are welcome Subash Patil...

    Enjoy your movies...

  14. Hi Shrinidhi,

    Firstly it is exciting to see that people are quite enthusiastic about our Service. This is exactly the kind of response which motivates us to perform better for our Customer’s sake.

    There are a few points I would like to clarify alongside:

    1)We are releasing a number of new/hit/good movies in the next few months. Also we are updating our Collection at a rapid pace. So be prepared to be “knocked out” during your next visit.

    2)We pride on our Print Quality. I believe that the picture problem you experienced may be due to the original print being bad. Otherwise there shouldn’t be any quality issues.

    And thanks for enlightening the customers about the great service. Be the light.

    In case of any queries, please write to

    Yours truly,
    A great employee and a big fan

  15. Dear "Great employee and big fan" of moserbaer,

    Welcome to my blog. Yes, of late some new titles are being released on Moserbaer pretty early-that's a good development. I've already mentioned that.

    Ok. I agree with your point no. 2

    Thanks for offering to help via email.

    Best wishes to you and your company.

  16. Recently, fake instructional dvd’s must really be prevented from spreading in the market. This brings a negative result to media.


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