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How to tell if a Tractor wheel is punctured?

"I had a flat tyre” may be the sophisticated and linguistically correct way of conveying that “My vehicle is unstable as one of the wheels has developed a hole in its tube and is unable to retain air inside”. But this phenomenon is known all over India as “Puncture”.

Very few people will be able to understand what a flat tyre means, but almost everyone throughout India, both literate and illiterate, irrespective of language/region/cultural barrier will understand the problem if you point at the wheel and say “puncture”.

I don’t think there is any substitute word in any of our regional language for the term “puncture” (Not considering lengthy phrases like “pahiye mein se hava nikal gaya” (Hindi for: air has come out of the wheel))

But then “I had a flat tyre” is quite good enough to convey your boss that you‘ll reporting be late to work.

Coming back to the title, how to detect if a tractor wheel has developed a puncture?

If you own a vehicle (bicycle included) you would have naturally faced the problem of deflated tyres and would have taken your vehicle to neared mechanic/tyre shop or such places where they fix it. For small wheels, they take out the tube, fill air, immerse it in water and check for air bubbles which would be coming out from the place where the tube would have got pierced. Then they apply a small rubber patch on that area. Simple logic.

But tractor wheels are relatively gigantic. A fully inflated tube is much bigger than the tyre which houses it. Roadside workshops can’t afford to have a water container big enough to accommodate a fully blown tractor tube. So what to do? Check the photo.

You carefully pour water on the tube and try to detect air bubble. Exercise your mind and drop a comment if you can think of a more convenient solution for this.

Also I’ve observed many shops showing a board: “Tyre Puncture shop” which literally conveys that they will puncture your tyre if you go there…Technically correct term would be “Tyre puncture repair shop” etc.

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  1. punture means piercing. You can use "Chuchchu" in Kannada. In case you've got a flat tyre, you can say, "Nann gaadi chakra thoothaaythu", that would also be suitable I guess.

    regarding the way to test puncture, one can immerse the tyre partially(inflated one) and check if air bubbles come outa it! It is as time consuming as the method mentioned i guess but still a bit easy than what is followed.

  2. I'm looking for one word which conveys the situation. Not whole phrase...

    If the water container is big enough that can be done...

  3. Even "I had a flat tyre" is a sentence as well as "My car tyre got punctured". The word can be "thoothu" It can be used in this context as per my knowledge. Can't it be??

    You cant try the method even with a container as small as a bucket which is pretty common right?

  4. may be...thooothu means we ever use that word in place of puncture? I'm wondering...

    Yes bucket is more common...

  5. The context can mean puncture doesnt it??

  6. Agreed Sandesh...But I was looking for one single word, if any...

    "..Not considering lengthy phrases like “pahiye mein se hava nikal gaya” (Hindi for: air has come out of the wheel))..."

  7. It is very useful article on Tractor wheel Puncture.


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