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Aayarkoda Seva at Guddattu Vinayaka Temple

Guddattu Shri Vinayaka Temple is an ancient temple off NH17 (now NH66) in Udupi district, Karnataka. Its history reportedly dates back to 1700+ years. Temple is situated adjacent to a giant rock and it is said that Lord Vinayaka idol emerged or self formed inside the small cave under these rocks.

This temple performs a unique ritual called "Aayarkoda" ("Aayar" means Thousand in tamil. Koda= pot, essentially Aayarkoda translates into treating the lord with 1000 pot full of water, known as Sahasra Kumbhabhisheka in a more sophisticated way). The naturally formed 3 feet long Vinayaka idol would get fully submerged till neck level, if filled with thousand pots of water from temple well.

The Aayarkoda ritual/seva (ಆಯರ್ ಕೊಡ ಸೇವೆ ) is believed to bring well being to those who perform it, so devotees come here from far away places to perform this ritual. Temple calendar is usually booked for months.

A group of local brahmin boys are commissioned to extract 1000 pots of water and transfer it to Garbha Gudi, wherein it will be poured on the Ganesha idol by the priest. The boys enjoy this task and pull out water with extreme ease. Each of them get a token money from the devotees, which was few paises 50-60 years ago and now stands at few hundred rupees

Guddattu is also a place of natural beauty. Most of the natural rocks are being quarried, but thanks to temple the rock adjacent to the temple is left untouched. One good advantage of having temples is that it helps prevent environment to some extent due to fear of god.

Below: A group of brahmin boys engaged in a chit chat
Below: Tata Aria infront of Guddattu temple
Temple complex from top of the rock nearby
Reflection of Aria in a pond nearby Guddattu temple
How to reach Guddattu?
From Udupi, go to Brahmavara-take right near Akashvani, Barkur-Saibarakatte-Shiriyara- Guddattu

From Kundapura: Either take Koteshwara- Hunsemakki-Guddattu or Kota-Saibarkatte- Shiriyara-Guddattu


  1. That's an interesting abhisheka. :) Is it a yearly event?

  2. Not yearly.. its done any time devotees ask for this seva.. Usually happens several times a week

    1. Can i get the contact number of pradhaan archaka or priest

    2. You can try temple office landline on 0820 259 5432. Don't have mobile numbers

  3. Which day we need to visit this temple

  4. Is there any pre booking for the water. Sava.if so when it will be available

    1. You have to contact temple authorities. I think they are booked for next few years...


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