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Kuang-im Chinese Chappel temple near River Kwai

River Kwai is a historical river in Thailand. The Bridge across River Kwai is a popular movie. More about River kwai in a separate post. Adjacent to River kwai bridge lies a beautiful Chinese temple. It was closed when we visited, but below are some pics of the same.

Do not know much about its history and significance. The board says "Kuang-Im Chapel" but couldn't find much about it on the net

 Closeup of the roof top art- lots of dragons

 View of the Kuang Im Chinese chapel from the River Kwai bridge

 Another small temple and statue
 A big statue
 View of River Kwai and its bridge from the top of Chinese temple


  1. That is a clean temple, and colorful too!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is amazing - what a fabulous collection i like your pic.

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