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Alamparai fort off ECR needs urgent attention!

Need to take a break from Thailand posts and write about something closer home. Alamparai is a fort some 110 kms from Chennai, off ECR near a village called Kadapakkam. It has an ancient  17 century fort by the sea side, about which I’d written earlier. View my earlier posts here and here

During a recent visit I found that this fort needs urgent attention. Its walls are falling off into water. At present this fort is left to itself unattended and remains of the forts are at the mercy of nature and locals. 

Below: Remains of the fort wall collapsed 

Above: Rest of the wall cracked and all set to collapse
Below: Trees growing on fort walls, will eventually loosen the bricks and let them fall off
 View of the fort from the opposite side
The fort needs some restoration and walls need support to prevent further collapse. Adjacent to it is a nice backwater ideal for swimming and boating. With some effort it can be converted into nice tourist destination.
There’re couple of boards outside the fort, but not sure if archeological survey of India, which takes care of ancient heritages is monitoring this place.

Do share and bring this to the attention of others. May be it will reach the right people and action will be taken

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  1. Sad state of affairs. Hope the ASI will take corrective action soon.

  2. This is historical place, but some care & attached required for this.

  3. The fort sustained serious damage in the Tsunami and its sea front wall collapsed. Agreed that it needs some salvation from total neglect.


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