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Review of Pattaya Garden hotel, Pattaya

We stayed at Pattaya Garden hotel for 2 days. Here’s a quick review of the same.

The good things:
  • They gave us early check-in without any extra charge. We arrived at 7 AM and our booking was from 2 PM, but we weren't charged extra.
  • Slightly away from main road, so relatively calm
  • 5 minutes walk from the beach
  • An Indian restaurant is about 1km from this hotel.
  • Rooms have umbrellas, useful in rainy season
  • Lots of trees in the campus are nice
The Bad/not so good things:
  • No staff, including reception folks can speak proper English. They uttered some rehearsed phrases like "breakfast is from 6AM to 10 AM", but any attempt to get some additional info/clarity failed. "if you need something, call your tour operator" was the instructions given to us
  • In our room the phone was not working. Even if it were working, it wouldn't have served any purpose because no one speaks English, so we ignored that
  • The villa rooms are very old. No amenities like coffee maker
  • For internet usage, hotel charges THB 100 for 30 minutes. (no internet at room, this is at lobby area) Cyber cafes on the road charge about 20-30 baht for 30 minutes
  • Hot water was just warm and not really hot.
  • At times some strange noise was coming from a shed nearby.
  • Pool opens only at 8 Am and closes at 8PM. Can't use this early morning/late evening before going out/after coming in

Hotel Pattaya Garden has two types of rooms. There’s recently constructed block with 3 floors full or rooms, which appears new and there’re a set of cottages, which are pretty old.
The cottage type rooms (Villas):
We were put up at the cottage. These cottages have nice atmosphere around, have good exterior look due to recent paint job, gives a somewhat jungle lodges feel but they are very old. Do expect a few things broken or not working. The TV, the AC, The telephone, the switches, the knobs in the bathroom are all very very old. We had a broken knob at bathroom and room telephone was not working. Hot water is generated using a low capacity electric geyser. No hot water at the sink. I wouldn’t go to the extreme of saying ”Don’t book these rooms”. They are not bad. But if you’re particular about the amneties in your room, either avoid this hotel or ask for modern rooms.
The modern rooms (Deluxe and Superior rooms in hotel lingo):
Hotel has another block adjacent to the pool. We didn’t explore these rooms, but they were visibly recent and better equipped. Superior rooms cost a few hundred baht per day more.
Restaurant is Ok. We managed with fruits and bread items.

Will I stay there again? Not sure. Would prefer to try some other hotel

How much is the rent? Rent ranges from 1150 THB during off season and goes all the way up to 4140 THB during peak season. June to October is rainy season in Thailand and hotels will be usually cheap this time.

Why did I chose this hotel? It was recommended by makemytrip guy. I did a quick check online and didn't find anything seriously negative, so decided to go with his recommendation

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