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Back from Thailand

I am back from a 5 day personal leisure trip to Thailand. Planned this 6 months ago when I spotted a cheap fare on Air Asia. Took a makemytrip package for local visits. Didn't do anything unusual-just explored Bangkok, Pattaya as a regular tourist.

Visiting the Tiger Temple and getting up close with wild cats have been on my target since few years now, this has been fulfilled, along with few other adventures like Para sailing, Underwater walking etc. As you've guessed by now, next couple of weeks will be posts related to my Thailand trip. Just one trip doesn't make me an expert on Thailand travel, but will be sharing whatever I observed and learnt.

A sample photo to begin with... More lined up


  1. Wow! you got to get so close to the big cat, eh. Super-cool!!

    Waiting to hear the Thailand Travel Tales. :)

  2. Nambiar: Thanks... Will publish one by one over next few weeks.


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