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Maserati Thailand: 4 years drive for free offer

We're seeing auto manufacturers in India trying desperate strategies to clear stock of petrol cars. Maruti rolled out a scheme recently wherein customers roll a dice and based on number, get upto 36 litres of petrol (details on Drivespark) , Hyundai offered petrol vouchers to push sales of Santro and i10 (details). Some other manufacturer had offered to pay back the price difference if petrol price increases in next 1 year. Needless to say all these companies will have some fine print to protect their interests (like max x litres per year etc)

Saw this Maserati ad at Bangkok Suvarnabhoomi airport. Maserati is an Italian luxury car manufacturer. While Maserati is not that well known in India, its parent company, Ferrari is very well known.

Maserati Quattroporte, shown in below ad is a 4 door saloon which is priced at about 1.4 crores ex show room in India. Its Thailand division, managed by FERMA Motors has advertised below offer for Maserati
4 year 0% interest
4 year free maintenance
4 year warranty
4 years free gasoline.

While first 3 didn't move the jaw, fourth one was tempting. I am sure they'll have some fine print limiting the max gasoline they'd provide under this scheme. I tried probing their website for details and fine print, but no luck.

Your thoughts? If launched in India, end of 4 years petrol will be more expensive than the car itself and Maserati might end up regretting the offer.

Instead of giving so many things free, I would prefer they give me the car free, I can take care of the rest. Anyway, if this offer tempts you, head to Thailand Now.


  1. they will recover the costs with compound interests in the fourth year

  2. What if i opt for a loan duration of 4 years and pay back full amount in 4 years?

  3. There will surely be lots of checks to make sure that they dont loose much ,at the end of the day they want to make money ,so i am sure they will have their backs covered.

    There will be some fine print associated with all such offers.

  4. and even for the gasoline ,its all limited ,no even would dare give unlimited ,most of these cars are guzzlers

  5. I'm sure they'll have fine print. Also limited number of cars will be on this offer.

    Even free maintenance will not cover spares and damages rising out of bad driving etc


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