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Offbeat places in and around Gangolli, Kundapura

When it comes to exploring places of interest around Kundapura & Gangolli, almost everyone is aware of Maravanthe beach and may be Kodi Beach but nothing beyond that. There are many more scenic spots worth a short visit when you are in the region or passing through. Being a local, let me tell you about practical offbeat places around Gangolli, all within 10-15 kms. I had not explored most of these spots all these days but one fine Saturday morning I got on my bike and headed out, in joy of the weekend curfew being lifted. It took me about half a day to explore these spots. Do not get fooled by commercial websites which list far away places like Coorg and Sirsi and whatnot as offbeat destinations from Gangolli.

Gangolli is a small town in Udupi district, north of Kundapura and before the popular Maravanthe beach. Gangolli is a coastal town. Tourists often zip past and do not care to visit places of interest in and around Gangolli & Kundapura, mainly because they are not aware of these lesser known offbeat places. Not any more. This post guides you with some interesting spots you can explore if you have a few hours to spare when in the area or passing through NH 66.

1 Gandolli End Point view

Gangolli End Point view is exactly opposite Kundapura’s Kodi beach. It is barely 100 meters across the river but about 42 kms by road. Gangolli End point view is also similar to Kodi beach seawalk but less crowded. Access road is good except for the last 500 meters. Take a walk proudly and let Kodi sea walk visitors wonder how you got there.I could ride the bike on the sea walk.

2 Banukudru Mahankali temple- riverside drive- visit for a since riverside drive

While returning from Gangolli towards Kundapura, enter the service road near Banakudru, turn left and again left, enjoy a nice drive by the riverside and re-enter the highway to continue your journey.

3 Kannada Kudru

Kannada Kudru is a small island between the highway and ocean, accessible by road. You can enjoy a scenic drive. Below are some pictures I took. Beware of the sand mafia in the area. A detailed post now available on Kannada Kudru with drone footage

4 Rocks near lighthouse-

Drive till Gangolli lighthouse, walk by the beach till you reach this scenic spot full of rocks right next to the beach. This spot is accessible by road but suitable only for bikes. Cars will have to be parked some 300 meters before on narrow streets. Google map also shows a “Dolphin View Point” here, but your probability of finding a Dolphin is almost zero.

5 Hemmadi Chrysanthem (sevantige) flower fields

This is a very seasonal-mostly Jan-Feb thing where locals grow flowers which are eventually sold for various temple rituals or in festivals. There is no designated spot where you can locate them and no guarantee there will be flowers when you visit. You need to take a chance and explore fields around Hemmadi village. Take inputs from locals and you might get lucky and be able to spot a field where flower are there and owners don’t mind you taking a few photos.

6 Thoplu End Point

Thoplu is a scenic location on Chakra river. The area is full of private properties but you can enjoy a scenic drive across the bridge (suitable for bikes and autos only). For cars, the access road is different. The map location seemed to be private property but even the drive around is very scenic so you can explore.

7 Gulvadi Dam

A scenic location some 20 kms from Gangolli and 12 kms from Kundapura.

8. Uppinakudru Puppet Academy (Puppet House)

Detailed post is available here- The puppet academy houses lots of exhibits of puppets related to Yakshagana. Puppet House is about 9 kms north of Kundapura- take a left at Uppinakudru.

9 Railway Bridges

There are several interesting/scenic railway bridges in the area. If you have the time and energy to explore you can find many scenic bridges crossing over rivers. There isn’t a single point I can suggest: go here and try- you need to explore on your own- railway track is visible on Google map- where exactly you prefer to go and see it is up to you.

10 Temples and Mosques by the river

In the region there are many temples and other religious spots by the river- just zoom into the map, locate one and explore. Many of them offer scenic views of the water body around them.

There are also many islands but they are not easy to access. You may need to find a boatsman who can take you. I saw a bird sanctuary called out in Google maps near Kundapura town- but there is nothing specific at that location. Bird spotting is not guaranteed.

Map link here for some of the locations mentioned in this post. Rest you can explore yourself.

Next time when you are visiting Kundapura or Baindoor or Gangolli 

How to reach: While you can take a train or bus to Kundapura, the local areas mentioned in this post are best explored in an own vehicle or rented car. You may also try to negotiate a deal with an auto driver to take you around for half a day.

Stay: Kundapura town has several hotels and even a self declared luxury hotel

If you have more time, below are some more destinations nearby worth exploring

Belkal Theertha Falls * Koosalli Falls * Kallu Ganapathi * Alemane near Thekkatte * Ottinene-Kshitija Nesara Dhama * Kolankal * Bharathkal Haladi * Barkuru * Haklamane falls

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