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Sasihithlu Beach- What to expect? Worth visiting?

Sasihithlu beach is one of the many beaches along the coast of Karnataka. Sasihithlu beach is on the Udupi-DK border off the town of Mulki. I tried visiting it in 2020 but couldn’t as it was closed citing lockdown. After that finally managed to visit in 2022. This post is aimed to tell you what to expect at Sasihithlu beach, if it is really worth going all the way and how it is different from other beaches in the coastal Karnataka region.

What to expect at Sasihithlu beach?

People go to the beach for various reasons- some beaches are great for swimming and surfing, some have lots of watersports, few have activities for kids, few are good for just walking around and so on. Of all these reasons, Sahisithlu lets you experience the following

1. Shambhavi River merging into sea: Sasihithlu is where river Shambhavi enters the Arabian sea. The delta is deep enough for fishing boats to pass through, so if you are lucky you may spot boats entering into or returning from the ocean at Sasihithlu beach delta. But this aspect depends on your luck, as it is not possible to know what time boats move around.

2. Nice walking area: Sisihithlu beach front is about half a km from the entry gate laid out by local administration. You will have to park your vehicle out and walk into the beach area- this half a km stretch is well covered with trees and is a nice experience

3. Surfing: The area is deemed ideal for surfing. Myntra surf club and other groups teaching surfing bring their students here at times. You may get to see people practicing surfing. Again not guaranteed, depends on your luck. Read more about Surfing in Mulki here

4. Nice drone view: While eye level view of Sasihithlu beach isn’t anything out of the ordinary, drone view is great. Take a look below. 

What you don’t get at Sahihithlu beach

I didn’t see any kids play area or water sports activities offered at Sasihithlu beach. For these things better visit Padubidri’s blue flag beach where you can do kayaking and other activities.

There was a building which seemed like a restroom, but not sure- it was locked. I went in early in the morning and there was no one to issue tickets etc. The main gate was closed but it was possible to walk in by the side. May be they open up later in the day

Sahihithlu is 10 kms from Mulki town, about 25 kms from Mangalore. If you are in the area it is worth going there and take a stroll, but I wouldn’t say go there all the way just for this. There are dozens of other locations along the coast which offer somewhat similar experience- Mattu beach-Udyavara, Kodi Bengre, Hejamadi Delta and so on.

While drone view may look nice, below is the normal eye level view

Watch a drone video clip of Sasihithlu Beach [Watch on Youtube

Nearby: Kapu lighthouse (30 kms) * Padubidri Bluflag beach (25 kms) * Palimar Dam (24 kms) * Taneerbhavi tree park & beach (25 kms) * Pilikula Nisarga Dhama (30 kms) * Malpe sea walk (45 kms)

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